Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cheap and good muscular massage in HK

Just as my husband and I were lamenting about our fav massage couple moving away from causeway bay due to higher rental, I found another HK massage therapist at an equally reasonable rate @HK$200 an hour (~SG$40/hr)! What is most important is that she is really good and I have had her doing my massage for over a month now. My husband was overjoyed that he can have that neckache attended to once again.

As I was telling my friends the other day while I was back in SG, while the quality of environment in HK may not match up to Singapore in terms of drinkable tap water, cleaner air and healthier outdoor lifestyle options, yet in terms of lifestyle in HK, I am beginning to embrace it wholeheartedly. If you are patient enough, look hard enough, you can get many services and courses at a much cheaper prices here in Hk than Singapore.

Apart from massage, even tennis lessons in HK was surprisingly cheaper than Singapore. I rem I was quoted at least SG$70/hr back then, but in HK, I can easily find any decent english speaking coach to travel to my place for HK$200/hr (~SG$40/hr).

Throw in staff discounts and private staff sales for many luxury brands due to Hk ex-colleagues, honestly, I dont care to pay for full price on any material stuff anymore.

HK is a land of goodies. Maybe because there are a greater pool of "hungry" people out there trying to make a decent living here in HK than SG. I sure am gonna miss these extras when I ever leave this place.

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