Sunday, July 19, 2009

taiwanese food fair at citysuper

One of the good things i like about staying in hk and citysuper are all the endless food fair from various countries they have at the citysuper supermart. of course the usual ones are from various parts of japan that always feel me feeling excited for a food sucker like me.

The recent food fair is another one of those that feel me feeling exhilarate. Its the food fair from taiwan. i went crazy, from snatching the crispy deyi black pepper prawn cracker/ deyi xia bing, my fav taiwan sausages, the dan-tsu noodles. the best were the fruits. my super fav reddish skin iven mango - 愛文芒果, and the apple fragrant pineapple that has little pulp and very soft center core.II just love taiwan fruits. nothing beats taiwan when it comes to fresh produce in general, though i do cave in quite frequently to Pakistan mango as well....i use to cart home like huge cartons of different Pakistan mango types when i was still living in singapore..

Then they were also selling the almond milk drink... my basket was packed full before i even was near the checkout line, still waiting for my white bitter gourd pineapple juice to come.

My husband is rarely exposed to Taiwan fresh produce for some reason. he is more accustomed to fruits from Thailand and Philippines in general. so he was rather pleasantly surprised by the mango and the pineapples last night.

This afternoon, i cooked fried rice, throwing in the chopped pieces of Taiwan sausages and roast duck, carrots and beaten eggs. From his original intention of a small bowl of rice, he went for 2 additional helpings. as i chuckled and asked him what happen to his so call small lunch, he blamed it on the Taiwan sausages.., 'damn those sweet Taiwan addictive.' ha. i sense a soon to be convert....

i love taiwan sauages. i could wolf down a pack of 12 of whatever back in uni. i rem cutting some boring robotics lectures with my buddy, and scouted off back to his hostel room just to snack on those taiwan sauages while sitting on the window bay enjoying the breeze. our hall rooms used to face a huge green empty patch that stretch indefinitely to some far off distance ending in some mist. Our hostel was actually built on a mini hill slope at one of the higher point in the campus. so it was really great with all that tranquility and non concrete view.

For some unknown reason, Till this day, i could still rem that mouth watering moment, as i waited patiently as he completed grilling those rows of sauages in the portable griller. i could almost still rem that delicious smell combined with that of the soothing after-rain grass scent.

That was a good day, a simple day, with a good friend, a satisfying chill can of coke, uncomplicated and bliss moment in life.

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