Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Singapore- Not so great experiences

Finally flew back to Hk last night. While I cannot say I miss Singapore in general with all the noisy endless construction going on everywhere without any tranquil quiet respite, I definitely miss my family and friends.

Life was busier the last 2 weeks catching up with as many people as possible, balancing that with keeping to my gym routine. It was hard trying to slot people into free slots since most of friends are working. Still, it was satisfying as I managed to see more than I had expected.

I dont like shopping in Singapore.
Apart from the fact that variety is not that great, the sale items are actually still more expensive than those I saw in HK taking Nike for example.

It grinds me when Singapore shopping mall staff talk rudely, or really quite clueless. Take for example when I went to CK Tangs as they were having pretty good bra sales. I was asking for a size 34 and the total "vacant" in the the head sales girl tried to tell me about cup size. I patiently explain to her, I need the right size and she keep talking about cup size. I got fed up and told her cup size has nothing to do with the circumference size. 34, 36 are an indication of how broad your chest area is irrespective of how gigantic your tits are. This sales girl looking about mid twenties went blank like no one ever told her how to read bra size. She keep harping about cup. I got fed up and move to another brand. She is a lady and she has no clue about selling a bra. What a freaking joke.

Then move to Calvin Klein and the auntie keep trying to promote her slow moving bra stock, even when I have explicitly told her I dont want lacy see through ones, she keep trying to hardsell those I had already said no. And those that I want, she just said "No size" and walked off looking disinterested. It was exasperating.

Then I went to Robinson at Centerpoint to try to buy my down feather pillow. They didnt carry the brand I wanted. This auntie asked me what I wanted and I told her, and she said "have have" So i followed her. However, it was firmer than I liked and so I declined but she kept telling me its cheap about $170 after discount. I looked at her and said no way. I shared I had gotten my down pillow much cheaper at closer to $100 at a sale. She looked at me incredulously and said its impossible. She insisted I was wrong and NO WAY a down pillow can be that cheap. I told her I got it in a sale few years ago but she kept insisting I was wrong and it must be mixed down and feather. I was getting exasperated. Why do people keep trying to tell me I am wrong in Singapore?? Finally I cut her off by saying politely "Auntie, I think I know how to read my pillow label tag that say 100% down" She was a bit taken and then stumbled saying yah yah. I walked off with my friend. My friend asked me "Why do you even bother to explain so nicely to her? I would have walked off." I dont know, I guess i respect the fact she is just trying to earn a living but I disliked the way I was being talked down.

On a separate occasion, I was taking a cab back home from the MRT station area designated taxi stand. It is pretty infuriating when you see other selfish inconsiderate people flagging taxis just further down the road, totally ignoring the line of people in the taxi Q. What is even more upsetting was the blue comfort cabs who picked these ruthless people up, upsetting the people in the Q. In that 20mins I was standing watch, only the silver cabs, the red cabs driver who dropped people off before the stand rejected these inconsiderate cab stealers. The comfort cab drivers seemed not to care so long they have business in their back seat.

When I boarded this new blue comfort cab, I gave the driver the exact road name and the complex name. This uncle paused, creased brows and tell me he never heard of such a road name in this area. I was taken back. My brother's place (road) is like there for coming to 10years. The taxi driver insisted there is no such road and asked me if it was street xx instead. I told him no, its not anywhere near there but the driver said that is the ONLY area that has condo in the vicinity. I was trying very hard not to snap when he kept telling me I AM WRONG for a few mins, the taxi driver tell me HE KNEW EVERY ROAD NAME in the region and there is no such road I am telling him.

I got fed up and finally told him "I lived there my dear and I will guide you, just drive." I wasnt sure if it was the "my dear" that caught him off guard or he sensed I ran out of patience. He started to drive without a word. I dont even know why the dear word came out..maybe when I deal with really incompetence people these days, I tried not to let them feel too stupid I supposed.

Halfway to my destination, he suddenly spoke very politely to me, without the earlier affronting attitude. "Oh yes I rem now, there is this road name. I rem where it is now. I thought u were referring to those EC condos". I was too tired to point out that how cocky he was earlier and how he shouldnt berate me as if I didnt know better. I just let him off the hook.

When I was departing at the airport, the non chinese security guy pissed me off as well. He was barking his orders at all the people putting stuff through the X rays. He was rushing people when there was plenty of time. This Hk mother and daughter forgot to remove the water bottle from the bags and this airport security staff snapped at them to discard the bottles. The mum started to drink the water on the spot, but he yelled at them "Cannot drink here!! Outside! Outside!" The mum was abit taken back and walked out meekly. When it was my turn, he brusquely asked if I had laptop. Then he snapped at me to take out my unzipped cardigan. Before I can even take a breath, he yelled at me to take my boots off. "Off! Off! Boots Off!" It was annoying the way he talk to me like I was some kid that was being reprimanded. So in a moment of spite and rebel, I zipped off my boots and threw them pretty hard into the tray, twice. He looked up and I glared at him. I have no issues with compliance if u request it politely, I would be happy to oblige. However dont talk to me as if you are damn smart just because you filled your little pretty head with a false sense of superiority, due to this little power to order people around. He was not even worthy for me to tell him off. It would be a waste of energy.

When I was lining up waiting to show my boarding pass, several HK passengers were always talking about the "illtreatment" and comparing it to their service in HK airport. I have to agree, Hk airport was a much much more plesant experience, both in and out for me.

If this non chinese changi airport terminal one staff is a shining example of many other airport staff behaviour, leaving such a bad taste in every departing travellers, it will be a miracle that Singapore Airport ranking can remain in top 10.

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