Thursday, July 16, 2009

visit to ex company

Made a short trip back to my old office to have lunch with some of my excolleagues. We headed to the my old favourite coffeeshop for the western blackpepper chicken chop...yummy.... apparently my fav hawker center got burnt down and so there goes my one dollar ice dessert.... damn.

I headed to the purchasing department first, since its the girls i am having lunch with today. i was alittle shock at the commotion and the screaming. ok, i felt like a celebrity there for that short 30secs i causally joked to the girls.

It was really a reunion of somesort, still seeing many familiar faces there. I was alittle taken back when elise started to tear and told me she really missed me. ok I was at lost coz i wasnt expecting her to cry. then she 'shoo' me away before i made a waterfall out of her. walked over to say hi to some managers that used to be really nice to me too, not to mention as a courtesy since i was apparently causing some work disturbances and disruption..ha. everyone's still good, though looking more tired. Before i headed off, some girls started to complain about some of my old staff whose service level has gones to shambles after i left. I felt sorry for the users but at the same time, suddenly relieved i am no longer facing end user support which will choke the life out of u over time. i had enjoyed my work then, and glad that people still rem my work, but the stage of that life is over man. amen.

Before lunch, i popped downstairs to my old IT department. apparently my [former] big boss was still ard waiting for my 'arrival'. as usual, a round of banter and jibes are without saying. i asked my Big boss if he was being renewed as the slimming center spokesperson since he has lost virtually another bout of fat. I missed the santa claus size of my big boss. now, he just looked so drained, filled with fatigue, not to mention the furious onslaught of white hairs. he laughed and said i havent change with my tongue-in-cheek humor. why would i change for that matter. i'm old, cast and concrete man.
My direct boss initially wasnt gonna join us for lunch, being that he was too busy reviewing the contract my big boss gave him. as usual, giving me the honors, my big boss extended his time line and insisted that he take me out for lunch instead since big boss couldnt join us as he was waiting for a call. haaa haaaa. Talk about uber privilege.

As my big boss was walking me down to the front lobby as my other boss was fetching his car, we saw a few other company colleagues. i didnt know if one of them was making a bad taste joke, or a snide remark when he said ' so you came back begging for a job.'

Before i can reply, my big boss replied 'Actually no, I am the one begging her to come back to work.' big boss, as sweet as ever and always backing me up. heh. that should silence some nasties. Why on earth would i want to come back and slog my arse off again. Not to mention back to IT, kidding right. NO FREAKING WAY. Then again, i just have to forgive some people who simply have no tact nor diplomacy.

When the guy left, my big boss turned and asked me when i am gonna come back and 'scold' all those aggravating people for him. He proceeded to recall of my glorious 'track record', of my fearless tongue lashing at any incompetent moron regardless of their designation [ well prob i would stop short at the uber top top top mgmt level, aint that suicidal yet..]

He started to tell me just the other day, someone asked him if the dept could change the version number of one of the corporate security policy i had written previously. 'but you cannot just arbitrarily change a version if there has been no modification in content nor a qualified review' i commented. Exactly his point, my big boss replied. The document was still valid and working accordingly and there wasnt a reason to change. [ omitting another major reason.....]

I laughed recalling. yup, i knew that will always be something that will be remembered... yet at the same time also appreciative how my big boss was always there to cover my back. then again, i always knew i was blessed with good bosses.

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