Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What is wrong with Singapore toilets?

What is it with Singapore Toilets, not to mention this prevalent missing supply of hand dryer paper?? This is getting absurd!

Apart from Tampines One toilets not having any hand tissue, neither does Central Mall @ Clarke Quay and the shopping center next to Isetan Scotts in Orchard!! What the heck?!!

I was complaining about this disgusting irrational phenomenal to my Singapore friends. I had a range of other stories. About how their company bosses tried to be "Smart" and decide to cut cost as well by removing the supply of hand papers in their office toilet. The result, a messier than necessary toilet that is so unbecoming. After a few months, the bosses decided "
Oops I am such a moron" and reversed their earlier decision. Bless the Hand dryer papers.

I too heard of stories about how some people will wash their legs in the the hand sink and then use a thick stack of the hand paper to dry off their feet. While I wont comment on the rationale of their need to wash their feet but if its a must, hence bring your own feet towel instead.

The worst lot is the selfish cheapskate bastards that really put me off. They STEAL the public hand dryer paper for their own selfish needs, so they can save a few bucks themselves and inconvenience everyone else. These people really need to be told off man. However Singapore being a passive lot didnt, and in the end? Everyone suffers (in silence) and in convenience without paper supply.

Apart from missing hand dryer papers, I dread heading to Singapore public toilet. If I can hold it till I return to hotel, I would. Several times (frequently) in public toilets, I would pray, hold my breath and push open the toilet door, just praying the seat is not wet and stain with pee, The floor is not wet with pee, the floor is not messy with wet tissue bits strewn all over and that the ladies didnt forget to flush leaving huge tissue mess inside the toilet bowl. Honestly, toilet use is not rocket science. Why do women ( I cannot speak for men here) keep abusing every public toilets? Even if you cannot spare a thought for the next user, think about the employed person who is paid (poorly) to clean up your mess!

The next lot of offenders I really want to scream my head in disgust are those bitches who are too fucking stupid, and I mean absolute stupid to use the sanitary bin. How hard is it to wrap up your bio waste and step on the bin pedal to throw your waste away? Instead, there are selfish people who leave their used stained pad wide open sitting on TOP OF THE BIN, in full public display. You know how fucking disgusting is that regardless of gender??? WHY ARE YOU STUPID BITCH TOO STUPID TO EVEN ROLL UP YOUR USED PAD AND WRAP IT WITH THE TISSUE ROLL??

Yeah sure, some people think its just a small matter. Why kick up a fuss. Bring your own tissue. Or this is the way for years, live with it. Sure I can do that but that is missing the whole big picture completely. The big picture is what is happening to our Singapore society? Such a simple counter bad toilet behaviour speaks volume about the mindset, culture and bred of people living in this state. Without making any effort to constantly highlight this gaps, there will never be improvements.

Till this day, my mum, friends and siblings will still think about the really clean, bright and relatively odorless toilets in most major malls in HK (on HK side) I had brought them to. This is excluding those kids centric toilets with lower sinks and cubicles.

When I was in Singapore, I really miss those HK toilets like in IFC. I miss those Hk Toilet Ah yi as well who really makes the effort to wipe the seat down to ensure its clean too or at times offer to hand me the hand dryer paper. Its a relatively pleasant experience.

Singapore toilets, most of you are really a huge disgrace after so many years. Even those with "Ok" label, you still have a stench.

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