Thursday, July 2, 2009

So not in love with Orchard Ion...

I just saw the new ION in orchard.

Some may think its pretty.
I thought it was a monstrous gigantic "wanna be" design, screaming of "look at me".
Granted the shape was unique from the rest of the structures there, but the whole overall feel looks hideous to me and loud.

The first thing it reminded me was that it was trying to copy the idea of the China's oriental pearl at Pudong. Trying to be equally space age, trying to be funky, trying to be edgy modern.
Well at least china can boast of it being the first design of similar sort, I thought Singapore's ION was a copy cat in concept. And worse, smack right in orchard, the new building design disrupts the whole sense of harmony and balance. The new kid on the block sorely looked out of place. It looks like it should belong to some science center of sort. Not to mention the changing lights... I dunno. Is that even environmentally friendly in the long run?

Maybe that is what I hate about some modern architectural design that tries too hard to be different.The design are so often in your face.

The lack of subtlety.
The lack of class.
The lack of real ingenuity
The lack of ever lasting beauty that can transcends through years without risking sticking out like a sore thumb.

Well, asethetics is subjective after.

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