Thursday, July 30, 2009

J-DRAMA - アイシテル - 海容

My tear ducts went into overdrive these few days while watching the Japanese drama - AISHITERU アイシテル - 海容 [ translated as ''LOVE AND FORGIVENESS'']
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Previously, I had put off watching this drama because I know it was going to be sad. I am not a person who really want to watch TV to get sad. However, something that day pushed me to try and I figured what do i have to lose if i watched and dont like it, i can always stop. Till today, I AM GLAD I WATCHED IT.

This is possibly the only drama i have watched that made me teared in every episode. The message is unconsciously powerful about the love of a mother, and how the different mothers struggles with her emotional turmoil, ranging from hatred, shock, self doubting, self questioning, self reproach.

The story plot is simple enough, that a bright adorable boy Kiyotaka in 2nd year elementary school was apparently senselessly killed, and worse, by another quiet well behaved boy Tomoya in his 4th year in elementary school.

The victims family was shocked and the mother was left with guilt that it was her fault that she came home too late by 15mins resulting in the unforseen tragedy. The other question was also, why my son. what has my little boy done to deserve such a death.

The culprits family on the other hand was racked with shock, and guilt as well but of a different kind. Both family struggle to cope with the difficult path laid before them as they confront the truth of what had happened.

In the drama, we journeyed through with both family, as they struggled with the loss and reality of the society. The society is undoubtingly harsh and unforgiving to the murderer's family, and the mother was tormented with questions at how her beloved son could do such a thing, robbing another child of a life. The family then took an introspective approach at everything they had done, from raising their kid, to the sort of resentment that had built up unconsciously.

Meanwhile, we also understand the importance of balanced child-raising, preventing trouble shooting off one's mouth. And how when one makes mistakes, its the whole family that suffers along with it especially a mother.

One of my favorite lines below struck a deep chord with me was the victim's mother grappled with the horror of losing her son.
''I can spend several million hours through the nights and days, taking care of my little boy, but nothing I do can ever take back that mere 15 mins, to bring my son back.''

I love this drama for many reasons.

The story is well scripted and executed, and we go through the same emotional cycle as the mother searched for the truth behind his son's crime. It is easy to get lost in her emotions, and her confronting the facts of how her actions may have indirectly be the root of the crime. One cannot but feel the sorrow, and self blaming as the mum did, even if you are not a parent because we all have mothers and the drama is simple enough for u to relate to another's emotion.

This drama is worthy of your time, I truly truly recomend it. Dedicated to all great mothers, and to remind us how communication in a family is always important, and how one member often tries to protect or even hurt one another in every little way unknowingly.

Should you decide to embark on watching this drama, get a few tissue packs on hand. I cannot imagine anyone who can possibly complete 10 episodes without shedding any tears. Once in a while, we need such human drama to remind us the complexity of life, and how we should never take your family for granted.

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