Thursday, July 2, 2009

Darn its 45 not 35!!

Was on way back to hotel on a cab. Decided to call this restaurant for lunch appointment next day.

"What time would you want to book lunch?" she said
"About 11.45am please" I replied
"11.35am." she said
"No, 45" I corrected her
"35" she repeated
"NO. FORTY FIVE" I repeated louder
"11.35am" she repeated back as if I was deaf.
"No. FOUR for 1,2,3,4. Forty FIVE" I was exasperated.
[she paused for 30seconds.]
"so lunch for 2 at 11.35am?" she repeated.
"No quarter to 12. 11.45am" My last attempt. My taxi driver was laughing away.
"OHHHHHHH. 45!" she said as realisation dawned on her.
"Yes. " I was relieved.

I never thought booking lunch will be so tedious.
Sg service staff really need to go for English training to recognise pronouciations beyond Singlish accent.

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