Thursday, July 16, 2009

a date with gwenie, and the kids

My paper is finally over... yeah! Prob nailed the written part but as usual... listening is always a bloody challenge... Back to bloggin my Singapore trip! Got a chance to meet up with Gwenie after her med exam and to make the date even better, Tracy and family with their bubbies came along. Talk about rare treat esp for one of those last min thingie. I was still trying to find time to visit Gor gor's little new prince and presto, they saved me one trip ;p

We decided to meet at Cityhall being the most central I can think off
To the anxious papa wWF, here are the belated pictures of your beautiful princess and prince ;p

Big Cheek's signature grin before the feast...

Here's one of big cheeks contemplative look on our other choc cakes apart form hers, and followed by another shot of her satisfied look after her feasting. The little one made our money worth that day, finishing up the other 2 half eaten cake which we aunties couldnt stuff in further.

it's always amazing to see how quickly little toddlers grow up, esp seeing my gf';s kids. my little big cheek is blossoming so prettily and every bit as adorable as before, not to mention lightweight. hahahaha.

Then again, i rem an old chinese saying, that is 'a girl should weight lightly to have a good life ahead, while boys should have heavy bones to be sturdy and successful in life.' Every wise old saying has a bit of truth in it i'm sure.

After feasting on cakes and more cakes at Canele, we decided to head to gwenie's bachelorette pad at Icon. Big cheek originally wanted to follow me and gwenie in our car, but as i lifted her up in my arms, her pants and dressie was wet. ok, i have plenty of wet tissue in my tote thanks to the swine flu thingie and unhygienic behavior of most sgporeans in public area. no problem. However upon closer inspection, we realised it was spilled water and not pee peee. so princess has no choice but to return to the warm embrace of her doting daddie.

Kids are so fickle or realistic.sigh. After she arrived at gwenie's place, she doesnt want to follow me anymore since i have no more cake to offer... sob sob. Now she has more interesting thing to play with like exploring the mid level gardens in the complex. Its really quite a nice spot up there abeit a little warm and humid in sg's weather. A lovely chillout place for those cooler nights i supposed.
As i flipped thru the pictures, Gwenie looked absolutely maternal and at ease holding the 2 kids, where by comparison, my husband laughed and said my shot with the kids looked a little odd, more like an au pair having fun than an adult... sigh...what can i say. absolutely no maternal instincts or whatsoever.

big cheek was roaming happily ard and aw....back to granting permission to me to hold her little dainty palms. what do adults have to do to suck up to kiddies to gain their affection man..hmmm
At gwenie's place. The little princess had a whale of a time it seems with all the platform for her to run up and down. Kids are such bundle of energy. Totally envious for a woman reaching middle age.
Little prince was equally well behaved and quiet. His face scrunched up alittle when the temp got a tad too warm for him but otherwise, he slept thru like a good boy. My friends are so blessed with great kids, which in turn is a blessing for me when we meet up. haaaaaaaa
here's one for the contented snoozing prince

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