Thursday, July 16, 2009

Another new born

On another day, found time to visit another high school gf, cyn and her new born baby. we chatted till the cows come home.

Being both architects, they have the most unusual choice [ for sg at least] for their sons. The new son 'Oscar' is named after his daddy's fav architect.

Its still a good sensible name, and fortunately [relief] not any of those arty-farty airy fad names - that looks like its misspelt by some nincompoops or some pretendious couple. [fortunately for me, because none of my close friends are stupid enough to name their kids with silly names. otherwise i honestly dont know how to react. amen.]

The highlight was that it was kinda strange sitting across the bed chatting, and she was doing those mechanical pumping milk thing. I am not kidding, its really like pumping a cow udders. i was telling moo moo later, that i didnt know where to look. It was somewhat distracting talking to her, and have the 2 pumps mechanically doing their job. its rather eye opener i must say.

Oscar is the first baby ever, to ever fart in my presence. In fact, before him, i never even know that babies fart. haaa haaa haaa. i didnt think there was anything in their milk diet would make them bloated enough to fart. so imagine my utter surprise when he started ripping away as he woke for his milk feed. i had such a good laugh.

with all the silence from him during the rest of day, imagine my burst of laughter when he gave another loud fart just as i was saying bye to cyn.

'That's his goodbye to u' his mummy joked. Funny ;p

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