Thursday, July 2, 2009

What? No hand tissue?

I felt like some mall surveyor on this trip to Singapore.

I went to check out another new tampines mall, called Tampines One.

The first thing I bitch to my friend who works there was the toilet (another of my frien bitched about parking). How can a female toilet have sink but NO DRYING HAND PAPER? I was looking around and I couldnt find anything except one pathetic air hand dryer. Great, you have at least 6 sinks, but ONE HAND DRYER. So what do you except? people Q'ing in line with wet dripping hand, to dry their hands? Come on. This is utterly stupid.

I was told that it was a deliberate decision not to provide hand paper because singaporeans abuse it. So it is to cut cost. I have no idea how much cost saving it is but overall, no wonder our singapore toilets will always look dirty. People will wet their hand, fling the water on the floor, people step over the wet patch with dirty soles and what you get? Dark dirty floor. And the poor cleaner will have to wipe and wipe. So why can HK toilets in malls provide tissue but not Singapore? Are singapore that country pumpkin, more cheap skate and uncouth than our HK counterparts that even decent toilet essentials like hand tissue have to be skimmed off? Ridiculous.

Nothing special about the tenants. usual boring retail stores with usual names like adidas, singtel, M1 etc...

The supermarket they had is cold storage which is VIRTUALLY empty when i went there at eve time. (By comparison, NTUC mall was packed to the BRIM with all 6 checkout counters fully operational and LONG snaking Q at NON PEAK hour) I am not surprised since they stock the SAME stuff as NTUC across the road in tampines Mall, and at a higher price. Stupid. If they carry a WIDER selection, they might have some hope to survive I think. I look through the rack and was so disappointed. It is so crappy. Ok, its MUCH better than the Sydney supermart because they carry Jap grocery and more asia food stuff, but in some aspects, HK supermarket has a much better variant and selection than what we have in Singapore. There are a couple of things which are widely available in HK which is sorely missing in all SG market. I couldnt find the comfort steam iron water in singapore at all.

What is worse, I could not find any other tea flavour except earl grey, english breakfast for classic teas. I thought they would at least carry twinning Irish and Traditional Afternoon tea variant but nope, no such luck. Have to buy in large packs when I return home to Auzzie end of year.

Another observation, Hk malls stocked more selection of environmentally friendly products. "Environment care" seems to be a relatively remote and alien concept in Singapore in general. The general sentiments seemed to be heck care attitude. I was so shock that I couldnt find a SINGLE recycle bottle bin anywhere in town or in mall or at the condo complexs. I felt so damn shit guilty every time I threw the plastic bottle into the bin to a point that I decide to recyle the bottle with my own water from home. I regret not bringing my water bottle.

Singapore really have a MANY areas to catch up...and they wonder why changi airport toilet lost to HK. I freaking think ALL SINGAPORE mall toilets lose to HK ones...

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