Wednesday, July 15, 2009

the 'empty' unit next door

I should be intensively mugging for my Jap paper but failing miserably. Been feeling rather restless. Wasnt sure if its attributed to the heat or the bloody renovation drilling going on that is preventing me from getting into the mood. The thing about living in older high rise place, there is always someone feeling uber rich and splashing money all over their place.

Not sure if my neighbour is selling his place, or still desperately renting his out. Since I have been here in a year, I have already seen 3 changes of tenant. The first Indonesian family left because their work required new posting. The 2nd tenant came and left so fast that I never even got to see their faces! The most recent 3rd tenant, an american husband with Taiwanese wife was even better, they were out in less than 4 weeks!

Apparently the american chap hated the place from what I heard from the grapevine. I reckon its their Italian neighbor above, constantly making a ruckus.

Previously we too had issue with noise from our neighbor upstairs. It was those freaking loud stomping noise esp in the master room that went on and on and on till like 2am in the morning. It was actually stressful trying to sleep but someone thumping all over above u. I felt like someone was whacking my head with a muffled hammer. Othertimes, people were like dragging chairs all over the place like a ghosthouse.

So several times, I left a few polite note to get them to tone down. No avail. I feedback to the management and he basically forgot about it for months. Finally my hubby got fed up and knock on their door. Hisindignant and 'felt wronged' persona is not something that even I want to mess with. The 2 Hk people insisted it wasnt them and that they too had an equal noise pollution from their italian neighbor, who are constantly boozing and having parties, making huge din. no wonder the people below that italian family never lasted. Meanwhile, our neighbors after the very polite exchange but prob intimidating experience for them. unlike australian who would vocally outright put you in your place, hk people are less confrontational in that and prefer to suffer in silence or through some paper or 3rd people mediator. unfortunately, my husband and i are 'doer' people and doesnt believe in passing the message game. well at least it worked. they finally stopped making all sort of noise. not a peep squeek ever since. thank god....

back to my neighbor's unit.
well unless the italian family above move out, no one in the sane mind can live in a noisy unit below them. i have see 3 waves of people over to view the apartment now, with bright smiles plastered all over. as i peeked through the eye hole, i was thinking 'ha.. you folks wont be laughing anytime soon now if u really do stay there...'

we are still in 2 minds about whether to remain or to move comes the expiration of our rental lease. honestly i prefer not to move for the convenience, not to mention that it will be my fourth major relocation work all overagain and i honestly dont want to handle that all over again. its crazy work.

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