Friday, July 10, 2009

Dinner at Clarke Quay

This trip back to singapore has been relatively fruitful, considering how I managed to squeeze time to see so many people in a short trip. I guess it helps when it is done in groups. Ha!

The first nite back, had Indonesian dinner @ Clarke Quay with some ex-colleagues. It's amazing how a decade pass us by in a blink before we knew it! From relative wide eye bambi, everyone has gone from looking for love to settling down, having kids and being a hands on parents.

We girls were talking about controlling rice intake, and before I knew it, E pointed out to me and asked "Didnt you say you have too much rice?" I gasped in horror that unknowingly and habitually clearin my plate, the whole plate of rice has gone down my tummy. I yelped out in despair "Too late toolate!! U should have told me BEFORE i ate everything!!" I could envision more gruelling hours in the gym than intended...sigh..The girls laughed...

To all those women out there who have been dissing on our poor suffering Singapore men, you must be either super suay (unlucky) or blind, or just after empty romance. All the SG men I know who are daddies - are the most hands on, independent parent compared to other countries I have been. That doesnt apply to all of coz, but generally Singapore man are relatively dependable. So quit bitching about how unromantic they are and look for something that counts even more. Then again, maybe it is just my era of men. I wont hold hopes on some young dudes with plucked eyebrows, dyed funny crop, hanging out their underpants to be of parental model... here's my friend who single handedly managed her daughter during our group dinner date.

Some Kids are really easy to "con" at times. Promise them icecream or something sweet that they like, they would instantly finish their meal in a split second and even proudly show you their empty plate. Having said that, it is also important not to back out on your promise or they probably wont trust u anymore. This little girl had a taster of every icecream favour before settling down on the dark choc. She totally rejected strawberry. Ah... a little girl after my own heart. haaa

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