Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hair product recommend; Keratase nutridefense spray

i am a on off user of Keratase products. I am not a perpetual user in the past, primarily because i found their hair products a little dry for my hair. Granted their hair shampoo always leave my hair squeaky clean, but their conditioner doesnt seem to work well for me.

Recently on my return visit to my fav hairstylist in singapore, he told me my hair was overly dry and recommended this keratase nutridefense spray for me. i will take his word mostly since he doesnt make it a habit to push any products to me. for one, he doesnt seem to believe in sales pitch, and two, he know me well enough and call me 'lazy' girl who doesnt like to buy and put excess products on my hair.

Since i concede my hair were really feeling drier than usual, i took up his suggestion and grab this spray on that is suppose to make my hair softer and more hydrated.

i tried it for a week and i love it. in fact, the effect is pretty much evident once first application. the spray application is to be used after shampooed and towel dried hair, avoiding the scalp. the product is non greasy, light weight which means no weighing your long hair down feeling, and i could not tell i had spray anything on. it's honestly a fabulous hair product for any lady with shoulder length hair and beyond, and want that soft airy feeling hair texture the next day or whole day depending when u wash your hair.

of course i must add, i wash my hair everyday and so the effect only last if you spray it on everyday i suppose. On those days when i dont use it, the nice soft effect disappears. Still, it definitely worked its magic as promised when u used it. they never claim the effect is lasting so i cannot fault them. Plus, there is no such thing as miracle product as far as i am concerned.

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