Sunday, July 19, 2009

typhoon 8 aftermath...sigh

The typhoon 8 storm last night was electricfying man... it was one of those super duty charged orchestra of mericless rain and whipping lashing wind.

The storm was so bad that not only ir woke me up from my deep slumber, it totally wet my interior from the most unlikely places. The wind was so hard that it send the wet rain through my stove exhaust pipe and the tube, and send all the water flooding through my oil exhaust. The lucky thing was that i just clean my exhaust and the oil container, so it was minimal grease all over my kitchen top.

the next unlikely place was the wind and rain coming through my air con. we had the old model where the natural wind was pump through those square box. the lucky thing was that my expensive shoes were slightly away from the window, and my 'laziness' saved the day because i left the box of nike shoes with the plastic bag sitting on top of the rest of teh shoe box. somehow the plastic box ended up holding all the water sparing the rest from water damage.

so i have to spend a good part of my morning recleanin the kitchen. that's the price of staying in an old apartment i suppose. well, it gave me a good workout today i guess from the mopping and cleaning...

still, i really nope the next typhoon wont be blowing our direction so soon again. i'm surprised with all the angry wind, the trees werent uprooted.

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