Thursday, July 2, 2009

The new orchard Mall

I hopped over to Sommerset.

First I was a little shock to see a big gap, with Orchard emerald torn down. Ok, that green hideous valueless building was doomed from the start given its lousy shops and bizzare internal design. I am just surprised it lasted so long, like at least 20years I think. dont know what they are building in place of it, prob another mall though I hope not. How many damn malls u want in a small concentrated island like Singapore where each time is like less than 2 mins away by train from each other?

The new mall opposite centerpoint, I think its call orchard Mall or something of sorts. The place is not fully in operation but some stores and cafes are already in place. So I went to check it out since I had time.

I found Tully cafe there. I tried it. Disappointment.
The one I had in Tokyo was really good, but the hot choc i had here in Sg was too sweet on first serving. I brought it back telling them it was too sweet, they made a new cup and then it was like just drinking pure milk. Sigh.

The mall itself was a disaster in terms of layout. It is definitely not a place condusive for shoppers. Its kinda elongated and the whole central area was taken up by 6 lifts with see thru glass. I kept seeing escalators and lifts more than the shops. Each shop was tucked by the ends or sides. Its just plain weird and for a shopper, rather confusing and shopper unfriendly. Granted there are alot of seats, but I think that will be abused by singaporeans by far and large in years to come.

However, compliments goes to the washroom. Apart from being clean primarily because it is new and low human traffic, I love the fact that some COMMON SENSE are put into the design. At least they have the sink, the drying paper, soap dispensor and bin located all in one area individually. Hence no more walking across the toilet with your hands dripping wet, trying to grap a tissue to dry your hands. Its exactly like the HK mall concept. Good heavens. Finally a designer who put some functional thoughts into toilet design and not a mere after thought.
Another mention, they have the modern toilet seats kinda similar to the Japan ones, including the panels. Cool! I just hope singaporean shoppers will treasure this heavenly washroom and not wreak it like they do to the rest on the island.

Other than the thumbs up for the toilet, I honestly dont see the draw of this mall, unless they get really solid tenants. Time will tell...

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