Thursday, July 16, 2009

After packing so many people into my short schedule, it was time to wind down. before that, had a short chat with another of my IJ gf, moo moo.

Not bad, i managed to meet almost everyone from our secondaryl group this trip. Those days were honestly the best esp being in a convent school. i dont think i would want it any other way.

Back then, it was hanging out at Macs, copying homework from one another, cracking silly jokes, shopping together, and lunching out together, playing sports together, and dashing in the rain getting soaked together, playing pranks together, not to mention having a common dislike entity together...those were the carefree days. the only thing we never did have were boyfriends back in school then, which probably was what made our bond tighter.

With every one of them, i have a set of unique, private memories of the times we spent together, inner thoughts and secrets confided in one another, from then till now. These are the people i grew up with, and i hope to grow old with because nothing beats hanging out with people you know from way back.

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