Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Success! Weight down!

The whole 2 weeks I was back in SG, I refuse to abandon on my exercise routine since I felt I was making headways with the progress. The pilates classes have certainly improve my abs muscles and tone my arms over the month. However I knew I had to remove the fats from aerobic exercises before the results can be more evidently seen.

Hyatt Singapore hotel has a great gym. Even when I have stayed there countless times in the past, I have never once used the gym till now. Aint sure if it has always been this great or due to the recent renovation. While I love the threadmill, the only thing I hate about it is that when you underquote your calories burn target, the whole equipment shuts down when target reached with no room for u to increase it midway. So it was pretty disruptive to my run the first time I used the machine.

Its damn satisfying when you know your stamina gets better and better. It has been less than a month and I never did expect to feel so fit so rapidly. Of course it "disgusts" my partner seeing how I can be completely inactive for 3 years and yet gain back my stamina and fitness level so rapidly. He always complain how I can make it look so easy. I gloatingly told him I have good genes. haaaaaa

I didnt want to give up my sweets and so I still snack on small choc cakes on and off but more infrequently now. The feeling "wasting" my hard works overrode my desire to wolf those cakes down in huge slices. Thankfully I have never been a food junkie so its much much easier for me to impose some self discipline.

Woke up this morning and decided to weigh myself. Well here's my report card, with the aim of clearing about 500 calories each gym trip, at least twice a week.
I have lost 2 kg now! Cool!
(I think if I didnt over ate at home with my mum's glorious home cook food, it might get better.)

The good thing is that the 2 kg lost isnt just water loss. I could actually feel my calf muscles toning up. There was this morning that I woke up and surprise surprise, I could see the effect of pilates on my abs muscles that are mildy visibly defined now. The running made my tummy look flatter but the pilates improve the conditions and look of the abs muscles. Coool!

Of course the stubborn lump of lard at the lower belly is still hard to remove but I am determine to get there.

So I dont understand why people would rather choose the unsafe lazy way of losing fats from consumption of drugs and formulas, or stupidly go into unnecessary dieting. All u need is really an hour at least twice a week to exercise to rid yourself of some weight.

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