Thursday, June 5, 2008

A dinner night out at GOD (HK)

The picture says it all, it was a happy night!

After dropping my bags, I went straight out to Causeway bay to meet my old friends for dinner at 7.30pm.

They had chosen to eat at GOD restaurant this time and from the minute we met, we couldnt stop chatting all the way from the MTR station till the food was served. So many people were talking it was almost chaotic. Emily and Jo were endlessly updating me and competing to grab my attention to their camera and I didnt even have a chance to look at the food menu. Which was fine by me since Ivan and Lina were more than happy to select the course of the night. I know I was in safe hands since these group knew more or less what I didnt like and liked. They started teasing me again about their evil plan to scare me with pizza hut plans. They knew how much I dislike eating at fast food joints.

There was simply so much to catch up after 3 months. Nothing beats conversation face to face. So conversation flows from one to another and I was laughing so much and so hard that my throat was mildly sore the next morning from over-exertion.

As for the food, i really liked what i had here. They have revamped this place compared to when I was here 2 years ago. For one, the decor has changed significantly, and so has the menu which had expanded tremendously.

I love this full tomato salad with light sauce. It was suculent and sweet, not to mention healthy! We had pork stew in dark soya sauce and it was unbelievably tender! The steamed chicken dish with plum was also pretty good! I was so famished that I didnt have time to take more pictures of the fried brown rice and beef curry that we ordered.

Hong Kong, a country famed for Chinese desserts and so without doubt, I would not be going back without sampling the wide assortments. Every dish on the picture menu looked divine and tempting! So for those who didnt have a say in main course, it was our turn to have a go at the dessert choices. We ordered 4 to share.

I cannot remember what the square thingie dessert was, except it was an icecream dish. However, I love my banana icecream with the banana fritters, topped with a bitter orange slice. The other dessert was buttermilk icecream, that came with fresh apple slices. That was so yummy! Jo ordered the warm almond paste which was less popular after all the cold sweet stuff. All in all, a totally stuff and satisfying dinner!

Again, we probably ended up being the loudest group and definitely the last to leave again. The waiters and waitresses were already mostly packed and gone, leaving the manager to be doing the accounts. It was 11pm and after stepping out of the restaurant, we continued to stay by the roadside and carried our conversations for another good 50mins.

By the time I took the train back and hit the sack, I was exhausted but satisfied. It was really nice to be back, especially with the super efficient train system that took me back from causeway bay to central within 5 mins including the 2 min waiting time.

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