Wednesday, June 25, 2008

LUCKY! Final Epi is back!

Lucky! Lucky! Preservance paid off. I finally finished watching the final episode of Zettai Kareshi! Some of the Zettai kareshi final episode is back online. So watch it QUICK before they removed it again.

Since I am not hosting it, I do not know how long the video will be up for. here's the link to watch the raw episode without english subs. (just in case the english sub episode is banned from finding its way to the internet later.)

The 2 part links on Veoh are here.
Part 1
Part 2


While it was a little sad at some part at the expected ending, somehow I found the ending a little lacking as it seemed alittle rushed. Although most parts were accounted for, yet I found it a little dissatisfying that they took 10epi to build up Rikko's affection for night and then bring everything crashing down within the last 1 hour episode. I guess there really wasnt much else to shoot for a perfect robot boyfriend who finally found true love from a human.... I kinda prefer the manga ending, I thought it was more to say...sentimental and lingering with Night making all the "arrangements" to prepare Rikko for his eventual departure.....

However, all in all, this drama is pretty good esp the tear jerker sections. I think I would rate it 7/10 for entertaintment value.

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