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Zettai Kareshi 09 Summary (part2)

Zettai Kareshi 09 Review (Part 2)

When the bar closed for the day, Soshi apologised to the lady bar owner about having to witness his silbing dispute earlier. She told Soshi that it was difficult to sustain such a small business like hers, she can imagine how much more difficult and stressful it must be for his brother. Sensing Soshi's silence, she deftly changed the topic to the competition. Soshi mentioned that while he may not know the preliminary results, however, he can confidently say that Rikko's desserts are truly delicious. Upon hearing that, the lady boss smiled and told him she will support them and encourage them to work hard.

The following week, Rikko paced worriedly at the office lobby while waiting for Soshi to deliver the results. When Soshi arrived, he paused while looking at Rikko, before slowly "comforting" Rikko that she had done well. Judging from his words and tone, Rikko assumed that she had not qualified for the preliminary for the competition. As a downcast Rikko seemed resigned to the results, Soshi said goodbye as he slowly turned his back to them. As Soshi pretended to leave, Rikko spotted an envelope on his back, with Soshi pointing to it. Apparently he had played a prank on her and that they had actually made it!

During the celebration at the bar, Natsumi dropped by to offer her congraulations. She told a surprised Rikko that indeed she had talent as she had never seen Soshi to be so dedicated to a task before. While Rikko looked slightly embarrassed, the ladyboss smiled knowingly at this piece of news. Natsumi then whipped out 4 tickets and invited everyone to the park and have fun together.

At the aquarium, Night saw Natsumi crossing arms with Soshi while walking ahead of them. he grabbed Rikko's arm and declared that they should likewise do the same with Rikko complaining along the way that he is holding his arm too high! Natsumi and Soshi turned around and smiled at the both of them.

Throughout the Dolphin show, Soshi looked on at a happy Rikko tenderly and smiled to himself.

After the dolphin show and the girls away to the washroom, Soshi told Night that he could really be quite unbashful about saying all those things such as love. Night replied that when you love someone, it is only natural that you should let the other party know the love and affection one has for her. Soshi smiled at the "revelation". Night asked in turn hasnt Soshi ever told Natsumi that he loved her to which Soshi laughed and said it was impossible to say such things. Night seriously advised him that it was better for Soshi to seriously tell Natsumi about his feelings. Night shared that he was happy to be able to see Rikko laughed so happily each time and that he wished he could protect Rikko's happiness forever. Rikko's smiling face will be in turn Night's happiness. Soshi pondered over those words after hearing them.

While walking Natsumi home, she asked Soshi if he would join her in Paris if she won the competition as she felt they would make a great team. Soshi was left speechless.

At the bar, Night presented Rikko with a patisserie chef top as a present for competition qualification. Rikko was over the moon as she looked at the top. Night apologised that it wasnt a new piece but he had redesigned and resewn some parts, but Rikko was nevertheless happy and exclaim that Night was indeed an "absolute boyfriend'! Night told her it was because he loved her and Rikko replied that she would work hard for him. The lady bar owner looked on at the conversations with mixed feelings.

At the same time in the lab, Gaku was questioning if it was such a bad thing for Night to have feelings. His assistant exclaimed of course it was a problem since Night is just a robot. An exasperated Gaku explained that his program is now out of his control and developing self awareness and living on based on his own will, so wont the process of stripping his emotions be the same as stripping his life?

While Rikko was at the competition, the lady bar owner initiated a meeting with Gaku. She revealed that she knew the truth about Night. She asked him for the reasons of developing a love robot. Gaku replied that a love robot would not betray nor cheat on the woman, and would save a broken heart. The bar owner angrily told Gaku not to treat human emotions as a game.

At the compeitition, Natsumi won the round with her unique chocolate and pepper creation. When Soshi's brother congraulated Natsumi on her win, she let on that it would not have been possible if it wasnt Soshi's idea on the cayen pepper. Soshi's brother was taken back by the news. A french chef approached Soshi and told him that he had met with his grandfather several occassions and that Rikko's dessert reminded him of Soshi's grandfather's flavour. With that, the french chef shook Rikko hands and complimented that she would have a great future ahead.

When Soshi congraulated Natsumi and brought up the Paris offer, Natsumi cut him off and told him that she felt it would be better if she went alone afterall.To a surprised Soshi, Natsumi further explained that she knew she had missed her opportunity in love (with him) 3 years ago, but that he should not now.

Soshi went to look for Rikko and offered his condolences to her for not qualifying. However, Rikko felt it was alright. Despite being a pity to have lost, but it had been a fruitful and happy experience to be able to do something that one loves and that there is always a next time. As Soshi thanked her, Rikko thanked him as well and expressed that it had been a joy to be able to work with him.

With that, Soshi took a bold step forward and confessed to Rikko that he liked her! Surprised at the confession, Rikko braved up her courage and expressed that she had also like Soshi all these while, surprising both Soshi and Night who was coming to join her.

With Rikko's unexpected confessions, Night clutched on to his heart, feeling a sudden peculiar sensation...

[End of episode]

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