Thursday, June 26, 2008


This final episode took me the longest to finish the recap! I cannot believe its 4.30am now! Been staring at the computer for last 2 hours! No wonder my back is aching! Sounds stupid but it is actually quite satisfying now that the drama has ended. Felt like I have delivered my "mini project" sucessfully!

Wanted to do a poll to find out if the general viewers preferred Last friends over Zettai Kareshi, but then figured it was pointless since most the readers are mostly here for Zettai Kareshi reviews... Noticed the surge in the traffic every wednesday :P I was so shocked when I saw the total hits the other day when I was at my own blog. So I am assuming that my recaps have been relatively well received... Hoo hooo hoooo...

Trying to finish Kurosaki drama but somehow the plot isnt very captivating. I guess the swindlers are pretty predictable and there wasnt much surprise element. Only up to episode 7 and I still havent been impressed....So I am going easy on myself with an episode a day.

Saw the next drama series about the police guy and he could see spirits? Is he a shinigami? The lead actor is a little too "cutesy" and "girlie" for my liking....such a little boy. His features are so fine and he lacked the manly and "X" factor.... wonder what the japanese girls see in him... Hmmmm....

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