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Zettai Kareshi 09 Summary (Part 1)

Zettai Kareshi 09 Review (Part 1)

Soshi's explained to his father his resignation reasons. Despite the fact that he could have entered the competition independently without having to resign, yet Soshi felt that he wanted to stop relying on the company but to compete with his (and Rikko's) own strength. Soshi's brother lamented that he was just being wilful but Soshi retorted that it was his brother who had said that Asamoto didnt need him (soshi). His brother commented that to selfishly abandon his post in the companyt, Soshi was just being irresponsible. Soshi replied to both his father and brother that no matter what, he had no intention to remain in the current Asamoto. After he left, his brother told the father that it may be a good chance for Soshi to become more mature while the father pass the resignation letter and told him to keep it for the time being.

When the office was speculating the cause of Soshi's departure, Night entered the room stating that the reason was due to entering the competition with Rikko much to everyone's shock.

Back in the lab, Gaku's lab assistant noticed that the interval between charging time has shorten for Night. Gaku happily assumed it was due to the fight with Zero02 and will arranged for a change. When his assistant questioned when will the altered data to their manager stop, Gaku apparently had no intention of revealing the truth to his superiors.

When tasting the new dessert creation, Natsumi commented that it was lacking something but Soshi's brother felt that nothing was amissed, and it was fine to be entered as it is.

Meanwhile during dinner, Rikko and Night were surprised to see Soshi working as a waiter at the usual bar place. Rikko asked the lady boss if it was really ok to employ so many staff. The bar owner smiled and said that thanks to Soshi, business has actually increased (due to the increased female patronage)! Soshi told Rikko that fortunately that he had the job or he would have nowhere to go after leaving home. Rikko was surprised that Soshi moved out from home. However Soshi said "it's for independence". Night who was by the side exclaimed "Isnt it kind of late (old) to be independent now?" Meanwhile, Gaku stepped in through the door looking for Night. He was plesantly surprised to be welcomed by the 3 boys and he laughed stating that it was a gathering of good looking guys!

Gaku excused himself with Night to service the battery problem. Night apologised to Gaku for always being so problematic but Gaku told him such issues only serves as evidence that Night was working hard for Rikko. Night agreed and that he only wanted Rikko to be happy forever.
Meanwhile, acting on her suspicions, the bar owner followed Gaku and Night to the carpark and witnessed the process and overheard their conversation!

When the lady boss returned to the bar and saw Soshi working with Rikko, she couldnt help but comment that both seems to share a good relationship which Rikko stuttered and denied. Soshi laughed and said "You made it sound like we have very bad relationship!" After finding an excuse to send Soshi away, the lady boss asked Rikko if she like such a nice guy like soshi. Rikko denied and claimed that Soshi already has a girlfriend (refering to Natsumi). At that, the bar owner sighed and reminded Rikko that under no circumstances should Rikko ever fall for a robot. After Rikko and Night left, the bar owner tried to sound out Soshi's feeling and asked if he was envious of Night and Rikko's relationship but Soshi unconvincingly denied so.

Back at Rikko's home, Soshi was impressed with Rikko's dessert to her relief. Night proclaimed that Rikko would definitely win but Soshi said it would not be that easy. Night angrily slammed the table stating that Rikko would defintely win! A shocked Soshi hurriedly explained that he didnt mean it would be impossible.

Just then, the landlady who had been spying on Soshi from outside all these while decided to enter Rikko's house and interrupted asking "who this handsome boy is" (refering to Soshi). The landlady asked Soshi "What is your hobby?" To which Rikko said "This isnt a matching making session!" When the landlady learnt with dismay that Tokishi had left (travelling), Night comforted her to keep her spirit up and that time would heal all wounds. The mesmerised landlady stared at Night stating that he is the kindest afterall!

After being motivated by Night, the landlady started to turn her attention back on Soshi, attempting to feed her with her cookie. Rikko quickly interrupted asking if she had "forgotten" about Tokishi, to which the landlady replied that she preferred the "new" target (soshi) and had forgotten the old! Soshi desperately tried to defuse the attention by offering Rikko's dessert creation to the landlady instead who exclaimed it was delicious to everyone's delight.

After she had left, Rikko commented on the landlady "wavering" affections. Night at once declared he will be Rikko's only boyfriend. Soshi who was leaving, remarked that they had such good relationship. Rikko tried to deny but Night firmly stated that Rikko was very important to him. Soshi left the couple and closed the door with mixed emotions.

The next day, Natsumi bumped into Soshi and asked him to try her creation. While it was delicious, Soshi suggested to a delighted Natsumi to add cayen pepper to enhance the taste. Natsumi said to a surprised Soshi: "As a repayment to the idea, let's go on a date." Sensing his surprised, Natsumi quickly added "Rikko would be a better choice afterall." Soshi quickly denied stating that he was only interested in Rikko's baking skills, to which Natsumi complimented on Rikko's skills as well.

Outside the office, Night spotted a departing Mikka and sat her down to have a chat. He asked if his disrespectful behaviour had been the cause of her resignation but Mikka denied. Instead, she said she was tired of everything and was starting to dislike herself. Regardless of all the nasty things, Rikko had continued to work towards her dream and never once repriminded mikka. Before she left, Mikka told Night that she could now start to understand a little why Night had chosen Rikko over her.

At nighttime, Soshi was surprised by the sudden appearance of his brother with Natsumi at the bar. Soshi commented that he shouldnt be here at a bar if he had wanted tea instead of a beer, but his brother retorted that it was not his idea to come. Sensing a potential verbal fight, Night interrupted and said "both Ma-kun (nickname) and Soshi should try to get along together!" Both brothers retorted together "It's none of your business!" When Soshi and his brother denied further in unison, Night remarked they are both indeed brothers and are indeed very welll synchronised (in thoughts and actions).

During the short heart to heart chat, Soshi's brother took a dig at Soshi's decision to leave which ended up waitering in a bar. However Soshi explained that what he wanted is to work in an environment where he could interact with people. Unlike in Asamoto, his brother was only facing media and marketing but not the customers themselves. Soshi explained that he just wanted to make a dessert that would invite a heartfelt smile (delight) and a lasting impression of the dessert on its customers. Despite hearing that, his brother told Soshi that he still didnt have to resign, rather Soshi was only escaping from reality. Meanwhile, Soshi's ex-boss came to the bar with intention to gloat at Soshi (who use to be his boss), only to be dumbfounded to find both brothers grouchily before him! When Soshi's brother stomped off after failing to reach an understanding with Soshi, Natsumi apologised for being too meddlesome but Soshi assured her it was alright before plunging himself back to work...

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