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Zettai Kareshi 07 Summary (part2)

Zettai Kareshi Episode 07 Review: Part 2 (Continue)

To Soushi's and Rikko's surprise, Natsumi placed a container of cream on the table. Rikko exclaimed "Ah! That is our cream!" and both looked to Natsumi for an explanation. Natsumi explained that someone had sent it to the kitchen when Rikko queried on how did the cream ended up with her.

"It's probably a prank by someone who had bad intentions towards Soushi." Natsumi shared as she waved an envelope containing Soushi'+ Rikko's "secret recipe". Before the two, Natsumi crushed the unopened envelope stating that "she would only have dessert creation that belonged to herself!"

Soushi responded that it had to be his brother but Natsumi firmly disagreed stating that Soushi knew better that his brother isnt the sort of person (with underhand means).

Without notice, Night arrived with a live Tuna and announced he was making them dinner / supper with the fish he had dived for (hence making it free and Rikko need not worry)! Embarrased by his outright honesty before Natsumi and Soushi, Rikko reproached Night not to say such "stingy remarks".

Night (after researching through his database) responded with a smile that indeed he would not say such words again. Natsumi laughed complimenting Night who then smiled back with a thumbs up, much to the mild amusement from Rikko, & loud laughters from Soushi and Natsumi.

While Night was making them fresh sashimi, Natsumi teased Rikko mildly (much to mild visible discomfort from Soushi's expression) when she learnt that Night was staying at her place. Rikko tried to deny again, this time saying that Night was her cousin, in which Soushi told her that "no one would believe this lie of hers." and Rikko went "Eh!?" (Night's expression presenting the sashimi was pretty funny here.)

While strolling home, Rikko told Night not to show his support for her so openly after telling him even though she was glad of it. Just then, Gaku appeared before them. Night confided to speechless Gaku: "I wonder what can I do for Rikko. Rikko is now working hard towards her dream despite constant obstacles. I felt lost and confused as to what can i do for Rikko at this time." Reaching the bar, Rikko fainted and was sent to hospital. At the hospital, a nurse mistook a recharging Night for non vital signs. The bar owner accidentally overheard the nurse saying that Night had weird "robotic" sound when she was checking for heartbeats.

After discharged, Rikko and Night ended up at the same park where the school children were playing. Rikko looked on and said its nice to be like children giving their best in everything they did. She wished things could be like the past where one can just go ahead to do something they liked, but she wondered about her own impatience now. In return, Night comforted her to take follow her own pace and she will be fine. Rikko happily agreed.

At that point, Rikko realised Night did not have any past memories. Night agreed to having none but yet felt like he had some. The little school girl recognised Rikko and before long, they started playing with the doll while Night looked on tenderly.

In the office, Soshi approached Rikko at her desk with his new design ideas while Mikka suspiciously looked on. Carelessly, Rikko left the design copy on the table and rushed off to the manager's room.

Meanwhile at the bar, the bar owner wanting to reconfirm her suspicions about the barcode behind Night's ear and the hospital episode, asked Night to change a light bulb. Standing behind him, she asked Night about the barcode, and Night unreservedly explained the barcode as a scanner link to the lab main computer and announced he is a robot to the shocked bar owner!

At home, Night continued to encourage Rikko while she remained hard at work with the dessert experimentation based on Soushi's design. At the first bite, Rikko was filled with excitement and happiness when she realised that it was a success and shared the news happily with Night. Night smiled and congratulated Rikko, beaming with delight while sharing Rikko's joy. Rikko made more samples and rushed to office to share her accomplishment with Soushi.

As she was about to enter his office, unknown to her, Natusmi was also in the room and she was just placing her new creation for Soushi's tasting to seek his view. Rikko quickly retreated andlooked on from outside at the door. Soushi took a bite and paused, before declaring it was "delicious". Natsumi was overjoyed at Soushi's positive reaction. Soushi went on to share with Natsumi "We (as in him and rikko) are indeed novice at this.....but..." Natsumi interrupted Soushi and announced "I still like you." Rikko was stunned and released the door handle. Soushi was alerted by the noise and was shocked before urgently calling out Rikko's name. Rikko walked in and started babbling about withdrawing from the competition and rushed away before colliding with oncoming Mikka.

While picking up the scattered papers, Rikko accidentally discovered the envelope (same as the previous one with her secret recipe shown to her by Natsumi) and a copy of Soushi's new design she had left on the table previously! Mikka grabbed the document and ran off and Rikko chased after her, asking timidly the reason for Mikka's action. Unable to hold back, Mikka lashed out at Rikko confessing to her being the one sending the secrets to Natsumi. Mikka said she disliked Rikko and hated the fact that Rikko was flirting with Soushi despite having Night, thinking that Rikko was trying to spite her after knowing how she (Mikka) felt about Night.

Back to Soushi and Natsumi, he apologised to her, for his inability to reciprocate her feelings. Natsumi not wanting to burden Soushi, tried to cover it up good naturedly with a bright smile, and said that she knew Rikko is the person that Soushi has fallen for. Soushi returned her words with a happy smile and rushed out to chase after Rikko.

Meanwhile, after the staircase incident with Mikka, Rikko walked out alone despondently due to Mikka's confession. At the building entrace, she was faced with Night who came to congratulate her thinking she had been sucessful. Before running off to b alone, she told Night to throw away the new dessert pieces. Soushi unable to find Rikko rang her phone which Rikko decided not to answer. Instead, she peeled off the sticker (her memory of Soushi), and the wind blew the sticker away much to her dismay.

As Rikko walked to the garden, she witnessed the school childrent eating happily. The teacher spotted her and thanked her for the cakes. Apparently Night had given the cake to all the children and they were all eating happily. The little girl saw Rikko and happily told Rikko it was delicious and that she is also inspired to be make such yummy dessert as "big sister" (Rikko).

Knowing what Night had done and hearing the children's words, Rikko rushed home, only to be welcomed by Night who made her favoruite egg omelette rice. Rikko told Night that the school children were really happy. Night said it was fantastic and that she is finally a pastisserie. Rikko at verge of tears asked why was Night so kind and gentle, and he replied "because i am your ideal boyfriend."" Isnt it just a program" Rikko said, to which Night responded "I too have memories now. I have memories of meeting Rikko, strolling with Rikko, eating with Rikko, watching Rikko's sleeping face, Rikko's laughter, Rikko's...." At this point, Rikko broke down and hugged Night tightly while crying into his chest.

At the same instant, Soushi who had been searching worriedly for Rikko appeared before her house, and witness the hugging scene from the window, where Night was gently resting his face to a sobbing Rikko. Soushi, quietly walked away.

In the lab, Gaku looked on at Night's extreme emotion data for that exact moment, not knowing that his manager spied on from behind him, now knowing the "truth" of Night's status.

The episode ended with a gentle and contented looking Night, blissfully being the shoulder (chest) for Rikko to cry on....

[End of Episode 7]

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