Sunday, June 29, 2008

Last friends SP Episode

Been so busy that I didnt watch the final "Last Friends SP" shown till now.

Actually there isnt much to write about this SP episode. It is not a new episode but rather a condensation of all the series highlights for each character.

The episode started off with all the housemates taking a picture with the baby. Then Eri and her husband Ogurin returned from Italy to Japan after a year. The interior of the house has changed alittle with more colourful cushions and new sofa cover. Takeru told Eri Michiru has gone to cemetry as it was Sousuke's first year anniversary. At the cemetry unknown to Michiru, the little boy that Sousuke had once saved also came to visit him (although I am not sure how come the kid is so resourceful to know since Michiru would not have known him and his case was closed before Sousuke died).

Ogurin went to Michiru old salon for haircut as he didnt dare to cut his hair in Italy due to language barrier. The colleague who used to bully Michiru was his hairstylist. Ogurin enquire about her eye bruise and she openly confirmed her boyfriend hit her over a trival incident of overtaping his show. Ogurin asked if she would considered leaving her boyfriend but she said she wont over such a small matter. To which Ogurin yelled "It's not a small matter!" The hair stylist mentioned about michiru (as a third person). "There was a girl who used to work her. Her boyfriend would wait for her to get off work everyday. Her boyfriend isn’t like mine, he cherishes her. I didn’t treat her too well then as I was jealous of her.” Ogura said nothing to that. The salon owner overheard and told her not to mention such things to the customer and she stopped.

Back at home, Eri was with Michiru’s little girl while Takeru was at the sink. The phone rang which Takeru answered. “Takeru, how are you?” Hearing his sister's voice, Takeru hesitated and paused before answering, “I have a family now. I thought I would never forgive you. But right now, I’m living with people I love which is a world foreign to you. So, I can forgive you now. Remember to be happy yourself.” Surprised at his words, Takeru’s shocked sister nodded firmly and both hung up.

Ruka returned home, Takeru handed and reunite Eri and Ogura with their old cups.

Family, Friends, Spouses, Lovers, having all four of the relationships but belonging to none in particular. We live on, treasuring and cherishing this fragile happiness...

We will always be friends. If it’s possible, we’ll never be apart. Even if we part, we’ll greet each other with a smile when we meet again somewhere in this world.

My dear friends, you are my last friends.

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