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Last Friends 11 Summary (part2)

Last Friends Episode 11 Review (part2)

Meanwhile over the months, Michiru had gotten use to living by herself. She felt that she couldnt contact ruka as she had betrayed her trust, and that she had not understood her dreams and feelings. And even if she will never see them again, she could still feel their presence and give her strength to live on.

On the other hand, Takeru borrowed a bike and encouraged Ruka to seek Michiru out He told Ruka that it was joy to live with her in sharehouse, but it was unbearable for him to see the missing piece in her heart.."So let's go and fill up the gap." he told Ruka. After failing to locate Michiru's mum, Ruka thought of Choshi where Michiru and her mum used to live

It was a fruitless search for one day. Takeru kept Ruka's spirit up by sharing that perhaps Michiru is waiting in some corner alone and waiting for them to find her. While camping out that night, Takeru finally revealed his past of his non blood related sister. Because of her, he was never able to form a proper relation nor provide any happiness for any woman. Ruka comforted him that he was wrong, and that she for one is very sure that he is able to make a woman very happy.

The next day, Ruka and takeru finally found a lead to Michiru's whereabout. On the way, they met with a mild accident and landed in hospital. Just as they were leaving, their bike couldnt start and by chance, Takeru spotted a heavily pregnant Michiru!

Back at Michiru's place, she said she would like to try hard in Choshi. Ruka asked her to return to Tokyo and live with them but she refused and that it was Sousuke's child. She felt that it was because of her that he had died, so she didnt have a right to be happy. She felt it was wrong for her to see for happiness from Ruka and Takeru as well. She was happy that with the baby, she wont need to feel lonely anymore and that Sousuke had forgiven her, and thus she can live on.

Ruka told her that Michiru's life doesnt belong to anyone but herself from now on. While she cannot forgive everything that Sousuke had done to Michiru including his despicable sucide, but the child within also belongs to Michiru. So Michiru is free to choose who the child gets to live with in future. "However, I would like to live with you both, even if not as a father to the child, but I hope to be a mentor to the child and be with you two." At this Takeru expressed his similar wish in agreement. He said that while two is better than one, 3 is better than 2 right! Ruka smiled and said including the baby it would be four. Hearing that, Michiru was so touched and thanked them. Suddenly she felt something was weird and went into labor pain!

At the hospital, Michiru safely delivered a baby girl and name her with a combination of her name, Ruka and Takeru.

At the end, while at the beach, Michiru wrote a letter to Eri. The 4 of them will return to sharehouse as "Family, friends, husband & wife, Lovers". While it is neither specifically one of the 4, all the 4 factors of relationship will bind them together as they strive to live happily in future...

[End of last episode 11]

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