Friday, June 6, 2008

New movie "Wanted"

If there is one movie I wanna watch ASAP, it has gotto be the one starring Angelina Jolie.

I don't care what the tabloid says about her and Brad. Honestly, marriage in Hollywood is like a joke anyway, so why are the public chewing her out with Brad's decision to leave Jennifer is beyond me. Anycase, her private romance is really of no concern of mine. Her work is in acting and that is what we should be critical of. I like her as an actress with a beautiful face, and a mighty heart doing her humanity work. At least she doesnt get plastered with booze and drugs like Amy Winehouse who looks like a major train wreakage. Amy has wasted her own gift and talent. Everytime I see a picture of Amy Winehouse in those magazine covers at the paper stand, it disgusts me. She is like a walking corpse with rotting skin and a hideous beehive mess on that skull. How she is able to continue to cut albums with that attitude is honestly again, beyond me.

Anycase, I digress
. The focus of this post is about Angeline Jolie and the new movie "Wanted", (Prague was chosen as the film's principal photography) which I so want to see! I love most of her action pack movies.

She looks HOT, not that she ever was not. (Lucky u Brad!) Though admittingly, her arms do scare me at times, looking so thin and veiny... No matter, the more mature she gets, the more alluring she is and this flick couple with Morgan freeman & James McAvory should be worthy of a blockbuster movie for this year I hope!

The movie is shot by a Russian born Director Bekmambetov, the same guy who shot the movie "Day Watch" and "Night watch". Despite rave reviews and the movies being a major hit in Russian, I beg to differ after seeing them. I caught the 2 movies early this year (because I bought the trilogy books late last year and was too lazy to read them) and truth was, it wasnt that good. It was sketchy and weakly weave together but the effects were good. I think one reason of the flaw was that there was too much to cover from the books. In fact, so many important elements were missing from the 3 books (last book being Twilight watch), so the movie leaves the viewer abit lost as to what was happening.

Anycase, with 3 major casts in Wanted, I am hoping this will not end up disappointing me as much as the other movies he had shot.

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