Thursday, June 5, 2008

Can I possibly eat anymore...

Yes I can. I have been eating non stop in HK. Went to World Trade centre at causeway bay to meet up with Dave for dinner. The mall is going through a major facelift and it can get a little disorienting at first glance within. Luckily, signs and directions are ample to guide u along although u better be sure u are at the right lobby for the right lift up.

Dave suggested 上海綠楊邨酒家 (Shanghaí Lù Yáng Cūn Restaurant, Shop Tel: +852- 2881 6669) located on the 11th floor at Podium 4. The shanghainese food there was excellent and the freaking braised pig trotter was gia-normous! I have never seen a trotter that huge before! We could barely finished it among the 4 of us, along with a place of string beans, pan fried dumplings, fish slices and prawns. This is seriously a fantastic restaurant and it has been established for 12years now i think. Totally worthy of my visit and I didnt even realised such a gem till today!

Meanwhile, I managed to top up my Singtel card in HK, via CSL shop at Century Square building level 4. The HK staff werent very sure how to do it. ha ha ha. Not a very freuqnt request I presume. I couldnt depend on the Vodaphone prepaid card from Sydney since for some reason, Sydney prepaid doesnt come with roaming service. So I swopped back to good old Singtel card and allowed me to sms to my heart content in HK, at SG$1.50 per message. Not cheap but better than NOTHING (and people wonder why i complain about Sydney's general service so much...)

The night before we left HK, we feasted on roasted goose at Yung Kee @ central. It was good, but not as good as I last remembered it. The meat was alittle tough but still delicious to the last drop.

I loved the cakes at the cafe and cake shop at Mandarin. We had our breakfast on our last morning stay there. My fav piece below at HK$30, worthy of every cent.

My husband had the cinnamon french toast with banana, and while it looked really nicelike a loaf, the taste wasnt that great. We both recalled and agreed that the BEST HOTEL Cinnamon French Toast was at Hyatt Hotel @ Tokyo Roppongi. THAT was the BEST TOAST we ever had! The bread was so soft and buttery taste, and the chef scorched the surface giving it a light crispy brown crust. I didnt know why I didnt take a picture back then but if i ever do get to return to Tokyo, I would for sure take one. (and hopefully it remained just as good!)

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