Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dim Sum at Man Wah (HK)

On sunday, had lat morning Dim Sum at Mah Wah the chinese restaurant, located at the top of the mandarin oriental hotel, together with the M bar, as well as the Pierre french restaurant.

The interior is of course typical oriental look and most tables facing the window. We had a "view" of all the tall buildings before us, with the usual smoggy foggy looking air quality. As for the menu cover, I wasnt quite sure why they had just a Japanese looking woman drawn on it.

There honestly wasnt much to choose from and overall, I found the place a little disappointing. Of course there are a 100 known places we can go outside the hotel for a proper dimsum at half the price, but we were lazy to go Q with the many other locals. Most dim sum places that i know of wont take reservations on Sunday morning, so being on holiday, I didnt want to waste half -one hour sitting with a huge bunch.

Of course I opposed to any shark fin dish, and so my husband contend himself with a soup dumpling made of shrimp and pork. Their fried taro was fantastic but their siew mei and the rest were alittle lame.

I tried their warm double boiled pear with mandarin peel as dessert and it was so so. Could do better.


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