Thursday, June 5, 2008

Honeymoon desset at IFC (HK)

After an average lunch, I led my husband immediately to the dessert store located next to the tasty congee restaurant. It was Honeymoon dessert! It looks small but cosy and comfy.

Since we are about full, we settled to share my favourite dessert "杨枝金露" (Sweet mango with golden pomelo). It was divine! The level of sweetness and slight tinge of sourness was just right. The fresh mango slices..... Oh so gooooood! This is even better than my old dessert haunt at Happy Valley across the racecourse.
This store seemed "new" and definitely wasnt there when I was living in HK and hopefully it will stay on! I think they are counting on tourists trade and mostly people working at the IFC buildings as well but located at 3 floors above the check in counters, unless one have time or got wind of this, not many will venture here I think.

The assortment of dessert at this place is astounding. It is more than enough to fill a A4 page proper for the English Menu alone. And the prices, so cheap............compared to Sydney. It's almost like Paradise.
We came back again on a seperate day and I had a go at their Tofu (Soya beancurd) and it was really smooth and light! My husband tried his old favourite Walnut paste with "Tung-Yun" (glutinous balls) and it was thumbs up too (except he forgot to specify sesame and ended up with peanut balls). This place is a dessert delight!

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