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Zettai Kareshi 10 Summary (Part2)

At the bar, Night confronted Soshi if he (soshi) truly liked Rikko. Night solemnly told Soshi that he (Night) truly love Rikko, to which Soshi replied he was aware. Night told Soshi that Rikko was fretting over him. However to a surprised Night, Soshi explained that he was not the reason but rather it was the invitation to Paris by the famous french Patisserie and that it was a big chance for her. When Soshi knew that she did not tell Night about the offer, he told night that as expected, Night was important to Rikko afterall. "However if you truly love and looking out for her, then would you be able to silently support her from afar?" Soshi asked Night.

Just then, Night's temperature went up and he fell onto his knees. A worried Soshi dashed to him but was shocked by his burning temperature. Soshi tried to call for an ambulance but Night stopped him as he did not want to waste any money on "maintenance service", confusing Soshi at those words. When Night finally reached home escorted by Soshi, he collapsed again before a worried Rikko!

While Rikko was cooling down Night temperature in the room, Soshi accidentally picked up the operation manual and to his shock, he discovered the "ideal boyfriend" robotic truth about Night! When Rikko called out to him, Soshi quickly stashed the manual away and hurridedly excused himself to leave. Back in the bar, Soshi sat quietly by himself deep in thoughts and feeling mixed about what he had seen earlier!

(Next small sweet scene: Night and Rikko was chatting about him sleeping on her bed the first time and he told her he loved. This time instead of getting upset as she normally does, Rikko smiled and replied Yes (I know) before leaving him to rest in her room)

Next day In the park, Rikko finally told Mikka the truth about Night's robotic identity. Mikka confessed that she had originally intended to steal Night away from Rikko. However she finally understood after her resignation, she was only envious that Rikko had a supporting companion by her side. Mikka shared that it would be impossible for herself to accept a robot boyfriend but Rikko probably could as she is overly devoted and serious about relationships.

In the father's office, the father told Soshi's brother about Rikko's and Soshi's trip to Paris. Soshi's brother pretended not to know but his father outrightly asked "You were the one who had asked the french patisserie for the favor to train Rikko and Soshi right? And you recognised her talent right?" A surprised Soshi's brother however replied it was a great business opportuntiy as he intended to sign on Rikko to Asamoto after her training. To which his father father and replied it was indeed his style!

When Rikko returned, she found Soshi waiting at her flat building to pass her the Paris flight ticket. At the same time, Soshi declared he was serious about liking her. "From now on, I would like to slowly know you bit by bit." Rikko however did not express any excitement. Soshi almost mentioned about Night but changed his mind and instead told Rikko that he would pick her up tomorrow eve.

When Rikko stepped into her flat, she was surprised by Night who baked a cake in celebration of her Paris trip.

When Rikko enquired abt the clover that Night served with the cake, he explained he wished it would bring her goodluck and protect her throughout her Paris trip. Rikko was touched and promised to cherish it. While Rikko was eating the cake, Night told her that he felt blessed to have met and fell in love with Rikko, and every second spent with her had become his precious treasure.

"When I got to Paris, we will be apart." Rikko told Night. However Night replied: "Even if we are apart, I would still cheer u on!" When Rikko asked "Why", Night answered: "Because i hope U will have a dream. So don't worry about me. I will prepare and wait, for you to return home anytime without worries. So please Rikko, do go to Paris."

Touched by Night's word, Rikko commented thatNight's program was amazing! However, Night told her seriously it wasnt the program.... "...You should know, it's because I love you. To me, You are the best girlfriend." With that, Rikko smiled and thanked him, and finally decided to go to Paris. Unexpectedly, Night begin to malfunction again due to overheating. As she was nursing him, Rikko had a flashback of the warning from Kronos staff that Night functions might ceased completely.

The next morning, Rikko asked Kronos staff to service Night. She worriedly seek assurance that Night's memories will not be erased. However she was told they could not warrant 100% but will try their best. Night stumbled out and saw the Kronos people. He tried to convince Rikko he was fine but almost collapsed again. He finally agreed to be serviced after seeing Rikko got frustrated because he obviously was "unwell".

Before Night was taken away, Rikko handed the clover to him for goodluck. Night was surprised and touched. He slowly ambled towards Rikko and tenderly hugged her, telling her softly "I love you" at the same time. A happy Rikko smiled and leand on him, and Night's bracelet started to flash pink to the surprise of the lab assistant. After saying their sad goodbyes, Night left and Rikko stood alone staring at the door.

While packing, Rikko looked sadly at the ticket with Night's scribble (Rikko you can fulfil your dream). She started to ramble about her mixed feelinsg to the bar owner who had came to help her pack. Sensing her confusion, the bar owner cut her off and firmly stated that hasnt Rikko already decided to leave with Soshi for Paris? The dream and love she had always wished for havent they all materialised? She told rikko not to let the important things before her slipped away. "But, Night is also important to me" Rikko confided. Sensing that Rikko need to think things through herself, the bar owner took her leave. Just then, Gaku called and told her "You have been tricked!"

Gaku explained to Rikko about Kronos intention to reset Night's uncontrollable program and manifestation of own thoughts. He told her that Night is no longer an appliance, he is now truly a unique individual with hsi own personality! As Rikko rushed out, she apologised to a waiting Soshi that she had decided not to leave for Paris! When a shocked Soshi asked what had happened, Rikko told him she couldnt abandon Night and rushed off, leaving a sad Soshi by himself.

Just as Gaku rushed into the lab, the guy hit the erase button!

[End of ep 10]

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