Friday, June 6, 2008

Last Friends 08 Summary

The English sub episode 8 is out by the time I got back from HK, so do not really see a point to write a recap for it. So instead, I'll stick to only a short review instead.

Last Friends Episode 8 Review
This is basically like a "tear jerker" episode. Initially I thought they were dragging out the gender issue abit too long but hell was i wrong. The script writer decided that its time to leak the truth to keep up the heighten plot!

So Ruka's gender disorder issue was being accidentally discovered by Eri who wanted to use her computer. Of course Eri was unsure and suspicious about what she saw on the screen and after confiding with Takeru, she figured it must be a misunderstanding. Takeru is turning out to be really big hearted when he finally chased after a departing Ruka and declared his support and love, right out in the public park. This is after he read Ruka's confession of her true problems in a letter for him before her house move. When they hugged together, I was thinking "Oh Shit is going to hit the fan soon!" Based on Micheru's last line in episode 8, that "she thought she was witnessing the blossom of a love romance", only means that it is the unfolding of someone's tragedy....death in the next few episode. Well, we always knew someone is to die, but "WHO" is the ultimate question.

At this point, I must say Sosuke is really twisted. What i do not understand is why didnt they report him to the police as yet after seeing his obsession with Michiru. It's hard to think they can be so careless about it when he obviously had no qualms to bash her up so severly in the past. When i saw the preview for next episode, I was shock to see him hitting out unexpectedly at Takeru. Not sure if the preview is meant to "misled" but highly impossible. Well in the next few days, we shall find out soon!

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