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Zettai Kareshi 10 Summary (Part1)

Yeah!!!! The new video is out! Thanks to Jude's release "alert", i went to search for it and found the latest release from last night! However, with all the heavy traffic to that video, the loading is extremely slow and I could only watch bits and pieces of it. So here is the first 15mins update and check back later for the rest!

(絶対彼氏) Zettai Kareshi 10 Review (Part 1)

After hearing Rikko's love confession to Soshi, Night sadly walked off alone by himself. Unknown to him, his body temperature was dangerously climbing! Gaku who was in the lab was alarmed by the warning alarm and rushed off in search of Night.

While walking home by herself, Rikko chanced upon the lady bar owner on the streets. She revealed that she had lost the competition, but it was not a pity as she had accumulated alot of experience from it. The bar owner discovered Night wasnt around with Rikko, to which Rikko explained she didnt know when and where he had gone off to either after the competition. After much mulling to herself, Rikko decided to seek the Bar owner's advice on the earlier incident with Soshi.

Meanwhile, Gaku managed to locate Night. While checking, Gaku discovered with shock that all the robotic body parts were overheating. Gaku realised with the emotional function taking roots, the robotic systems were showing signs of malfunctioning. However, when Night asked Gaku what had happened, Gaku concealed the truth and cheefully told Night that it was only a mild fever and everything will be fine once he changed and increase the cooling parts for Night tomorrow.

Back in the bar, the bar owner was delighted when she learnt about the love confession between Soshi and Rikko. However sensing something was amissed, she asked Rikko why didnt she look happy? Rikko denied being unhappy. However, she confessed that even though she was very happy, yet she thought that something didnt feel quite right. The bar owner asked if it was because of Night to a surprised Rikko. The bar owner firmly added that " Night is not a good option. Didnt you said before that you had wanted to fall in love normally, be married normally? (Falling in love) With a robot, nothing will be normal." Rikko gently smiled and said "Of course I know that." before staring distantly away.

Meanwhile, Night confided to Gaku that Rikko had confessed liking Soshi. Gaku comforted Night stating it must have been unbearable for Night. Night said he definitely didnt want to lose to Soshi as he truly love Rikko. Hearing that, Gaku encouraged Night saying that Rikko will definitely feel your affections.

In his father's office, Soshi informed that he had lost the competition. His father said that it was a pity but yet why did Soshi still look so happy despite not qualifying?? A surprised Soshi said it wasnt so with a smile. When asked about his future plans, Soshi replied he will slowly think about it. Upon that, his father goodnaturedly but doubtfully reminded Soshi .... "But you had never been one to plan ahead?!" To that, Soshi chuckled and nod in silent agreement.

Back at home, Rikko waited for Night to return, only to be disappointed that it was her landlady. However her disappointment was quickly replaced with keen excitement when she saw the food landlady had brought over. To Rikko's relief, Night returned in time to prevent the retraction of food offer. When the landlady realised that Rikko was unable to pay teh full rent, and Rikko stating that Night would do anything, the landlady grabbed the chance to solicit a "kiss from Night" would settle it!! Just as Night was going to obediently oblige, Rikko held Night back. Instead, she tricked the eagerly anticipating landlady (with eyes closed) using the food as Night's lips instead (while Night was saying here's comes my big fat kiss! haa haa)

After sending the landlady away, Night apologised for his late return after Rikko said she had been worried. Night said it was a pity about the loss but Rikko said it was ok. Night then comforted Rikko that he would work triply hard to earn more money for the month. In turn, Rikko reminded him not to damage his body from overworking as maintenance fee would also be very expensive. Night thanked Rikko instead for being so thoughtful (for showing concern for him).

In the lab, Gaku's "secret" was finally exposed and confronted by his manager. Despite his apology, his manager stated Night's IC chip had to be retrieved and changed. Gaku was shocked and desperately stated that it wouldnt be the same zero one anymore! Despite his protests, he was taken off his role and redelegated to another department!

The next day, an unsuspecting Rikko was told she would be terminated by end of the month! When Night learnt that, he decided to quit as well. Rikko refused as that would be lesser household income. As the bar owner was not able to increase Rikko's shift work at the bar, Night assured Rikko that he would work double hard to provide for Rikko. The landlady looked at the scene with increasing unease and mixed feelings. Just as both of the were leaving, they bumped into a returning Soshi. While Soshi was all natural, a surprised Rikko panicked and frantically said her good night and left hurridly.Night looked on at Soshi, but said nothing and left.

After learning about Rikko's plight from the bar owner, Soshi rushed over and confronted his brother's decision to fire Rikko. His brother coolly told him that the matter was of no concern to Soshi. As Soshi criticised his brother being like his grandfather, his brother retorted that Soshi was in no position to judge his decision, as Soshi was the one who abandoned Asamoto company. Just then, Soshi's mobile rang and his brother politely told him he was busy and aske Soshi to leave the office.

At home, Rikko and Night were earning extra income with flower arrangements. She started to fret about her impending loss of job,and Night continued to comfort her. Night used the flower's representation to express his love again and Rikko asked happily about the flower in her hand in which Night replied "It means Poor but elegant." Rikko was totally deflated :P

Night said it was enjoyable but Rikko misunderstood Night's reference and said but its only 5cents per stalk! Night however explained that he meant it was enjoyable to be able to accumulate memories of Rikko bit by bit through these. Rikko was speechless and deflected the topic asking Night to fetch her something. In teh process, Night stumbled and fell! A worried Rikko realised Night was running a fever before Night completely fell down unconcious this time!

The next morning, Rikko was relieved that Night's fever had subsided. Night assured all is well as Gaku was aware of it and will replace the cooling parts. Relieved, Rikko left for work. Unknown to her, Night's temperature rose and went unstable again after she left!

In the office lobby as Rikko was heading to work, Soshi caught up with Rikko and he had big news for her! They were also to go to Paris afterall as another team had withdrawn! Apparently the French patisserie chef who had spoken to Rikko previously during the qualification round had recommended her as the replacement team. As well, he had called Soshi indicating his wish that Rikko with her talent, would learn being a patisserie in Paris. When Rikko realised it will take 3 years to be full fledged Patisserie, she was taken back.

Sensing her hesitance, Soushi asked if it was due to Night which Rikko denied. With that, Soshi firmly told Rikko to go Paris with him! Soshi told her that he had also been invited to Paris. Rikko was speechless. Soshi then told her they had to focus on the competition and to leave in 3 days. Before walking off, Soshi told Rikko solemnly that it was a great opportunity for her. When Soshi left, Night who had been standing from afar (to give Rikko her bento lunch) called out to Rikko and asked what happened to Soshi which Rikko replied nothing.

In the lab, Gaku realised that the system password had been changed. His assistant entered his cell and Gaku requested him to change Night's cooling parts. To his dismay, his assistance told him it was pointless as Zero One will be scraped. While Gaku understood why his assistant "betrayed" him, he also explained that Rikko and Night are now emotionally bonded and shouldnt be seperated as they (Kronos) had no right to strip Night of his evolved emotions. Unfortunately his assistant maintained the idea that it was better with the scrap and took leave.

When Rikko returned later that eve, she found the 2 kronos staff waiting for her. They apologised for Night's recent breakdown and Rikko thought they had referred to his recent fever attacks. They warned Rikko that the persistent fever if left neglected, could result in complete cessation of Night. However, with the repair, the problem would be fixed but a chance that Night's memories will disappear. A worried Rikko asked what would happened if it did happen. The staff tried to assure Rikko that they would give her an identical new robot. Rikko rejected the offer as she explained Night cherished his memories extremely. The Kronos staff pretended to leave after emphasising that Nigth would probably stop functioning and Rikko immediately asked them to wait and she would think about it.

During dinner, Rikko accidentally touch Night's hand and was shocked that it was hot! She got increasingly worried about his returned fever but Night reassured her all was well. That night, Rikko stared at the Kronos repair agreement, remaining undecided...

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