Friday, June 20, 2008

Such a sad Zettai Kareshi episode...

It's 3.30am Sydney time and finally finished the translated recap for Zettai episode 10 (Part 1 recap). Didnt want to wait till tomorrow or I have to reload the whole damn video clip again and waste my limited (expensive) bandwidth.

OMG.... it's such a sad episode! The part when Night was leaving Rikko was so touching.....this is one episode that I have actually enjoyed watching Night without getting annoyed at any point. And possibly one of the few episode that I bothered to insert more screen capture.

Night's sad expression was especially good and with all his annoying robotic actions being gone (because of the overheating), actually made him more endearing here.

In the manga, Night "died" as in totally unrebootable nor usable. I wonder how the drama will end it here. Next week! the final ep!

Zettai Kareshi Preview for Final Episode 11:

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