Monday, June 30, 2008

One bad service after another in Australia (Part 2)

Over the weekend, we headed to newcastle being my father in law's birthday. He had requested for a new TV as his present and so my husband and I headed out to the stores to hunt for a 42inch plasma. Our car couldnt fit the box if we had bought it in Sydney so off we go again upon arrival at my in laws place after lunch.

We finally landed ourselves in JB-Hi Fi and since Pioneer no longer produce 42inch plasma, we decide to settle for Panasonic plasma instead as a 50inch TV would be ridiculous. The sales guy told us that Pioneer no longer produce anything lesser than 50inch from now on due to large share market.

Since it was cheaper than Pioneer with simialr qualities, we got the Panasonic and everyone at home was happy that night as all the men at home get to watch the Rugby match Oz vs France at 8.30pm.

However the next morning, we discovered something was wrong with the AV as all the images were whitewashed and snowy. It definitely cannot be our new Panasonic HDD DVD recorder which worked perfectly with the old TV. We tried calling JB Hifi if they are aware of the problems and what are our recourse and of course, they said they promise to call us back after checking and never did after 2 hours.

My husband and I drove down and see if we can get an exchange. This young chap tried to serve us and of course when we mention the problem, he didnt know nuts about it. It's ok since he's a sales and not a technical person, but he said we didnt need any HDCMI cable for sure. Ok so we drove back all the way again with nothing.

Then I enquire about the box not coming with any RCA (the yellow white cables) and the young chap said "Oh the plasma box does not come with any cables since it is supposed to be replacement TV. You need to buy new ones if u need it"

I was stumped. What? a new TV with no cables? This is the FIRST TIME EVER i have heard of anyone spewing such nonsense. I have bought 2 plasma previously in Singapore and even a new Samsung LCD when we got to Sydney and we had never heard of such a statement. So if I am moving to a new home without an old TV, I have to fork out more $$$ for TV cables???? This is absolutely ridiculous!

I do not know if the young sales guy is speaking the truth. I am not sure if its Panansonic worldwide policy not to provide cables, or only in Australia products that doesnt, or the sales guy is just uttering rubbish. I need to get back to HK and ask a TV sales guy to find out.

So now we had to get our brother in law to drive it back and swop for a new one. It was after much haggling and hassling before the customer service agreed to get someone at the JB store to arrange for truck delivery to deliver the exchange TV from another branch to the one near our place. Crazy people if they think I am doing the drive when it wont even fit into my rented car!

One hassles after another... sigh. Not once is anything smooth sailing in Sydney. Not bloody once.

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