Friday, June 13, 2008

Last friends episode 10 is out!

Last friends Episode 10 is out now! Thankfully it is a much shorter wait. Gonna watch it after dinner . Hang in there folks!

(Ghees.. so much things to write... so little time.... arrrrrhhhhhh...)

However for those waiting to know if Ruka was "physically" violated left off from the cliff hanger in last episode, well......................... she wasnt, at least not within the first 5 mins i have seen. After he punched her and tried to "slobber" all over her ear, Ruka reached out for the broken lamp stand and whack it across his back. She made a quick dash exit to a mall to buy new clothes for the one that was ripped. Why she didnt hang around to give him a few more good "bashing" (which I prob might) after all the violence and attempted rape was a pity....

Then again, I doubt I too would hang around, but i think I would have given the bastard a good whack to his legs at least to make sure he doesnt come chasing after me, and of course for the punches he threw earlier. Ok... I'm straying....

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