Thursday, June 5, 2008

The "new" lounge in Sydney Airport

Last Friday, I was brimming with joy as I checked into the airport heading to HK. For the past months, I have been feeling rather restless, being stuck in Sydney doing nothing much. Unknowingly, my mind get restless every 2 months. I just felt like I need to go somewhere, anywhere, just somewhere.

So bright and cheery, I was sitting in the new Cathay lounge on Friday waiting for my flight to bring me back to Hong Kong. I'm not sure if this is a shared lounge with Quantas, which i suspect it might be.

The new Cathay first class lounge design reminded me of BA lounge. They are pretty similar in structural design and colour scheme, though the food is definitely much better here in Sydney. There are serving staff for those who dine at the table. My omlette was a little too much with the cheese and serving staff was pretty quick to catch up when she cleared the dishes.

There is a proper wine bar for those who couldnt spare their body a minute clean of booze.

And for the ladies, there is even a spa section complete with service next to the flight info board at the end of the lounge, but it is definitely not available for those taking any flight earlier than 10am since the therapists dressed in all white, were only strolling in for work at 9.15am while I was there.

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