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Zettai Kareshi Episode7: Review and Recap (Part 1)

Finally found time to complete watching Zettai Kareshi episode 7 in between travelling to Hong Kong now. As such, there isnt much time toproofread for typo & grammar errors, not to mention putting in snapshots (except pictures from official website) for now since time is precious while having a holiday! More pixs will prob be up next week when I return home:)
Meanwhile, for the long eagerly waiting drama fans, here is the recap for episode 7! However due to time constraint, there are some some irrelvant parts that I didnt bother to translate, but I just briefly commented their existence in brackets below.
Ep 7 Review

At some point in this episode,I pesonally found Rikko getting to be rather annoying with her indecisiveness and lack of confidence. However, it is a good thing that Night's role is slowly, but gradually getting nicer as he evolved to be more human and less robotic expressions. However being at episode 7, the script writers doesnt have much episodes left to speed things up since general Japanese drama ends within 20eps. In this epi, there are parts where the scriptwritters still made Night looked ultra silly with his chest flaunting at home but that is just me. Honestly, I cannot wait to see the love triangle blossom between him, Rikko and Soushi. Natsumi the new girl is an interesting character insert (does not exist in manga vesion) and I like her already, though I figured she wont last long in here (since she didnt even have a place in the promo character chart I think). She is really sweet, and I love her hair and attire (printed skirt!) in here.

Episode 7 Recap:
When realisation hit Rikko that Soushi was hugging her, she quickly pushed his arms away and stepped back, with both looking away awkwardly. Soushi recovered and tried to defuse the situation by asking her if "her body is lacking iron" (thus resulting in her earlier fainting). Rikko went along and replied that she didnt spend much money on food recently. Both went on talking about the importance of "Iron" to avoid discussing the earlier hugging episode, before Soushi quickly excused himself to go home, leaving Rikko alone in the office pantry to ponder about what had just happened.

Back in the Kronos lab, Gaku busily programmed a software repair to assure his manager that the emotional and self awareness bug in Night had been fixed. After the onscreen program was seen to be completed and reloaded into Night, the manager asked if he could be believed and Gaku replied confidently "Yes!" with a smile. The manager went on to state " A robot with selfawareness is like a dog who has lost its loyalty, and no one would want a dog as such. A robot having Emotions, Intelligence, Consciousness, Self awareness is as good as a defective product."
Before leaving the lab, the manager annouced that he would also be perusing Night's data analysis report daily to ensure all is in order. When everyone has left the lab, Gaku angrily pulled the computer cable off. The earlier program display was actually just a staged show. Truth was, there was no way to fix Night afterall when one didnt know where the root problem was in the first place!

After Night awakened and dressed to go, Gaku causually asked how was Night's state of feeling in which Night queried what does the term mean. Gaku looked visibly relieved when Night replied he didnt have any strange or particular sensations. However just before Night left, he told Gaku: "I will be happy everytime I see Rikko's happy face." Gaku was stunned and muttered aloud "Happy?" Night turned around and added " Which is why I will work hard to make Rikko (infinitely) happier." Gaku smiled and told Night that indeed he is Rikko's ideal boyfriend which was meet with Night's strong verbal affirmation.

On the other hand, Rikko still mulling and confused over Soushi's unexpected action, decided to meet up with Mikka. In the park, Rikko asked Mikka "When a man suddenly hug you, what will be the reason?" Mikka asked if it was Night which Rikko laughed and insisted not and that Night would never do such a thing. Mikka then shocked Rikko by asking if it was "Soushi", in which Rikko hurriedly denied in embarrasement, and guiltily looked down.
"Don't you like Night kun?" Mikka queried and Rikko once again firmly replied that Night and her relationship isnt what Mikka had in mind. Upon hearing that, Mikka openly said "In that case, I shall start dating with Night-kun." Rikko registered surprised but unhesitantly and fervently rejected the idea to Mikka's face and said "definitely no" to a surprised Mikka. Just then, Night appeared with a bunch of flowers for Rikko. In the midst of attention from all the small school children over the flowers which Night gave away, Mikka left.

(next scene is Rikko's landlord offering a super spicy hotpot for rikko and night, in her attempt to get Night to strip when he sweats from the spice (and failed))

The next morning while both were walking into the office building, Soushi passed them with a good morning as if nothing awkward had happened, while Rikko lowered her head in utter emotional confusion. Soushi turned around and informed Rikko that he will formally request to enter the Competition and for her to think further on making the carrot cream sweeter.As he walked away, Night called out to him and advanced towards him. After adjusting Soushi's shirt collar, Night told him that "I am leaving Rikko's dream in your hands".

In the meeting room, Soushi interrupted a discussion between his father and elder brother. He informed them of his request and intention to take charge of the prestigious competition wih Rikko, which his brother immediately rejected and asked if Soushi wanted to be be embarrased again after the last cream puff episode? After hearing the whole string of indirect insults by his brother, Soushi blurted out with great emotion: "Asamoto (company) cannot proceed on the way as it is. I felt that the Asamoto that Grandpa had established is slowly disappearing." His brother leaned forth and told him that times are different and Soushi's naive thinking will lead to eventual closure of the company. AT this point, their father said "Let's give it a try" He decided that both brothers with their chosen patisseries will create and compete against each other, leaving him to make the final decision on the team to send for the competition.

Soushi returned to his own office happily and mouthed silently the good news to Rikko before turning away on his work. Just then, a pretty young lady annouced her presence and walked towards an unsuspecting Soushi.

"It has been a long time Soushi." Soushi turned around. When recognition hit him, Soushi widen his eyes and exclaimed in shock: "Natsumi!" There was a flurry of excitement in the office when they recognised the pretty lady as the new famous patisserie as seen in a current magazine. The lady responded sweetly to an enquiring colleague that she was Soushi's exgirlfriend, much to the shock of Rikko!

While having tea-chat in the cafe, Natsumi told Soushi that they had not met for 3 years and he hasnt changed one bit. Rikko was frustratingly spying on them at a corner when Night suddenly appeared and freaked Rikko out, unwittedly exposing herself to a surprised Soushi and Natsumi. Soushi introduced Rikko and Night as a "mere surbodinate and her boyfriend" much to the disappointment of Rikko, while Night annouced to an amused Natsumi that he is the ideal boyfriend of Rikko's. When Natsumi proceeded to explain to Night's query as to why they broke up, Soushi abruptly stopped her.

(Followed next was a series of boring scenes depicting Rikko and Night outing in bowling and Night unnecessarily (& stupidly) exhibiting his half naked, oiled muscles at home...)

Back in pantry, Rikko and Soushi continued to experiment with different recipes which Soushi rejected all that Rikko had presented. Rikko started to babble on about Soushi's ex girlfrfiend's pretty looks and talent as a famous patisserie (having trained 3 years in Paris under famous & accomplished French patisserie). Without warning, Soushi announced that Natsumi is Rikko's Rival (due to her newly signed contract with Asamoto (his brother) for the competition! Hearing that, Rikko immediately floundered into waves of lack of confidence and determined by herself that she cannot do it as she will definitely lose to Natsumi. An irritated Soushi expressed Natsumi's qualification is of no concern to Rikko, as his only intention is to make a delicious cream cake." Rikko was forced into silence and escaped to the toilet where she bumped into Natsumi and Soushi's brother along the corridor.

Shorty after, Natsumi came to visit the two in the pantry where Soushi jokingly asked if she was peforming a trade secret spying. However, what she said next gave both a shock!

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