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Last Friends 09 Summary

Each episode gets better and better with this series and its getting to the climax soon!

I often found myself unconsiously holding my breath at each turn when something "bad" is about to happen!
As far, they still have not attempt to explain Takeru nor Sosouke's problems and the series is already coming to an end. Then again, the focus is about DV (domestic violence) victims so it naturally has to revolve more on Michiru. However the script is so fast paced and tight that I didnt really mind since I rather they don't do a draggy long out explanation and ruin everything fantastic now. "Ruka" is an amazing actress, she did the boyish role so well that I can almost believe her being a "boy".

Last friends Episode 09 Review
The sharehouse friends were feeling bored from Ruka’s absence. Just then, Ruka called to announce her win in the race and promised to return the next day for celebration with the rest.

The same night, Michiru passed Takeru’s room and chatted about Ruka. Takeru replied Ruka and himself are friends.The sort of friendship that wont change even till death.” Takeru said to himself.

The next night when she returned to sharehouse for celebration, Ruka thanked Takeru for being the emotional support (after learning her gender disorder truth) and with that, it had taken the weight off her shoulders. Michiru witnessed from the door, a cheerful Ruka and Takeru chatting happily. She thought to herself that it was the first time she saw a relaxed Ruka laughing happily in Takeru’s company.

Michiru answered the doorbell next morning and found Takeru’s sister at the door. While explaining her presence, Takeru’s sister suddenly rushed in and relaxed alittle upon seeing a snoozing Takeru in the living room. She left the banana bread and left. Just then Takeru woke and asked Michiru about the bread. He dropped the bread just Michiru informed him of his sister visit, and requested a surprised Michiru not to reveal the visit to anyone before dumping the bread away.

Due to a renewal of rental contract, Takeru volunteered to accompany Michiru to her mum’s home to request for approval. Unhappy, Michiru’s mum asked Michiru aside for private talk. Initally, Michiru was faced with her mum’s suspicions of Takeru ‘s character due to his appearance and her constant praise for Sousoke. Shocked by her mother’s slip, Michiru asked her mum when had she met Sousuke (since she has never made the introduction)! Sensing a problem, Takeru interrupted and requested her to avoid t=sharing Michiru’s whereabouts to Sosouke. At then, her mum confessed she had borrowed money from Sosuke. Takeru revealed about the truth of Sosuke’s physical abuse on Michiru. When the mum tried to make excuses that it was common for man to occasional behave as such, Takeru vehemently rejected that notion and that it was absolutely uncalled behavious. He officially requested the mum to protect Michiru as a mother would. With that, Michiru’s mother came round by Takeru’s sincerity and truth of words and quickly come to good terms with Takeru.

On way back, Michiru made an excuse and rushed off to avoid close intimacy with Takeru while sharing an umbrella. Unknown to her, Sosouke was stalking her! When he appeared before her, she trembled and tried to remind Sosuke that they had broken up. Unwilling to listen to her, Sosuke continued on with his wishful request for her to return home with him. In fear, she tried to flee and told a dumbfounded Sousuke to set her free as that she had fallen for someone else! Sousuke said he didn’t believe her but Michiru insisted it was the truth and run off, only to bump into Takeru who was searching all over for her.

The next day, an unsuspecting and happy (over a makeup job offer to work for movie production) Takeru was suddenly attacked by Sousuke’s crutches and fell down the stairs. In rage and jealousy, Sousuke unrelentlessly and cruelly bashed Takeru with his crutches and cracked Takeru’s hand! Learning the news, Ruka decided to move back to Sharehouse to protect Michiru - who was then feeling guilty and taking all responsibility for Takeru’s injuries. Ruka tried to assured Michiru it was Sousuke’s fault but Michiru insisted it was her confession to Sousuke that caused the incident. Ruka asked if Michir liked Takeru but Michiru replied she wasn’t sure and Ruka is the person of his affection. Ruka sigh with a smile and said “ Takeru and I are just friends ad not as what u think.”

WhileMichiru accompanied Takeru to the hospital, Ruka went to Sosuke’s flat to confront him. He tried to intimidate Ruka with threats of exposing her hospitals visits and disorder to her parents but Ruka was unafraid of anything anymore. Sensing his loss of advantage, he asked if everything was planned by Ruka. Ruka told him that Michiru was no longer his girlfriend had she had nothing to do with the chain of events.

Looking at Sosuke, Ruka added “ Michiru is standing up for herself and learning to live by herself. She is gradually falling for a real guy, someone gentle, someone who knows how to love someone else and she will be blissful. I will not let u ruin this happiness of hers.” Sousuke chucked and asked her what right does she have to say all these. Ruka stoically replied “Because…. The real person who loved her is me. Your sort of “love” isn’t love at all.”

Sousuke went silent before suddenly advanced towards Ruka and started to bash her! The fight ensued and at the end, Sosuke pinned her down on the floor and ripped her shirt apart after punching her!

Back at sharehouse, Takeru’s “glued” mug suddenly fell apart with the handled falling off! Both Takeru and Michiru looked on uncomfortably at the inauspicious omen!

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