Monday, June 30, 2008

Ridiculous policies (Sydney - Part 3)

There is something I do not quite understand about all these Australian Accounts with the water, gas, telstra etc.

I tried to arrange for disconnection on behalf of my husband and I was told I couldnt do anything as the account name was under him. Its very strange since I never had such denial in SIngapore and HK before. I was able to arrange every thing nicely in HK on behalf, and arrange for people to pick up the cable modem etc without a hitch so long I was able to provide the ID number, account number and DOB, as well as a signed letter that signify the termination later after the call.

In Sydney, I tried to enquire if there was any deposits that we need to settle before we leave town and again, the customer services told me they could not reveal that fact as I am not the account holder.

It is all very frustrating. It's like I am not asking how much it is, I am asking for the procedure and they wont even bother to tell me. I really do not understand all these obstacles and checks. The deposit will go back to the account owner anycase and I wont be able to get it in cash, so what's this sense of FALSE Security? And as if I want to cheat that few couple of bucks. Stupid rile. So in the end, my husband had to go through all the loops and waits to do all the termination himself and waste more time on these nitty gritties.

I just think there are alot of wasted and unnecessary and inefficient procedures built in. Is it that difficult to spend 5mins to explain the procedures to me? damn it.

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