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Zettai Kareshi Episode 11 Review (Part 1)

Zettai Kareshi 11 Summary (Part 1)

Following from last episode, Gaku (and subseuqently Rikko )arrived at the lab too late, only to witness with horror the initialisation button to reset Night being activated. Gaku was emotionally agitated, telling his colleague and manager that what they had just done was effectively murdering Night. However his colleague pushed Gaku away and insisted he was overexaggerating and that Night is only an appliance.

Gaku manager tried to convinced Rikko that it was better to dispose of Night based on his current condition but Rikko demanded him to return her Night to her. Just then, Gaku assistant noticed the irregularity and that the initialisation program had failed! Night at this moment removed his connecting head gear and sat up, looking at Rikko. Gaku told Night to RUN! while grabbed Rikko and made a escape dash. Gaku tried to hold the security back but ended up defeated on the ground. Night saw and returned to helped Gaku up. Rikko stopped the guards from taking Night away and demanded to know the reasons for their actions. Gaku manager explained they are only disposing a defective product as part of their responsibilities as professionals.

Gaku interrupted and said "We have oversimplified [Love]. In fact he is a robot but he has already developed his own awareness and lheart of ove and not something we can dispose off so easily" When his maanger angriled insisted that they could not let loose a dangerous robot, Rikko angrily retorted that Night was not dangerous!

"When i was in pain, he would stand by me and hug me. He would always encourage me to persist on when I was down and on verge of giving up my dreams! Compared to anyone here, Night has a heart which is purer and more cherishing than ours. Hence, I will definitely not return Night to you. No matter what, I will protect Night." as Rikko said and looked on lovingly at a surprised Night. In response to Rikko's speech, Gaku manager said that Night was not a the robot that they wanted and he would leave the final decision to Gaku before leaving.

Night asked Rikko isnt she going to Paris. Rikko smiled and said she just wanted to stay by Night's side. Gaku tried to increase the cooling system in Night but his condition did not change. Before he left, he told Rikko her love for Night has triumph and thus the initialisation failed. As Gaku left, he bumped into Soshi who had came to look for Rikko.

Soshi asked Rikko if she was abandoning her dreams by not leaving for Paris and that it is not easy to qualify for the competition. Rikko said "I want to withdraw." Soshi asked if it was due to Night but Rikko said no. She explained that whenever she was happy or sad, it was always Night by her side. Hence she apologised she will not go Paris and started to leave.

In frustration, Soshi finally burst out that only he can grow old with Rikko and that he can live on with her! "Even so, I still want to stay by Night's side." Rikko replied and left Soshi for Night who was waiting at home.

Soshi ended up at the bar to a surprised lady owner who thought he had gone to Paris. Soshi said there is nothing left.

Night apologised from causing Rikko's Paris trip. he thanked her for rushing over to the lab and that he was happy to be able to see her smile ago. "i will never forget anythign about you" Night said as he was holding her hand. Rikko leaned forward and kissed him, excusing that it was a goodnight kiss before shyly running out of the room.

Next morning, Night was up and cheerily telling Rikko her kiss had cured him! A surprised Gaku was shocked at the recovery and asked what had happened. Night tried to tell him about the kiss but Rikko flustered and stopped him. So instead gaku thought that they had both done the deed and congratulate them! Rikko quickly tried to explain the misunderstanding and explained it was only a kiss and Gaku laughed that it had to her love that did the trick! Jjust then, the landlady appeared and asked about the rice omelette that Night had lovingly prepared for Rikko. She exclaimed at the heartshaped which Rikko quickly lied and said "its a peach shape". Night protested and when the landlady started to eat the rice omelette, Night sink into exaggertaed despair and complained he had woke up early in the morning to prepare the meal with much efforts!! Rikko then struggled to grab the rice back!

Back in Asamoto office, Soshi brother questioned Soshi about his Paris decision in which Soshi declared it was none of his business! his brother angrily said despite Soshi resignation, he still saw him as Asamoto staff! Soshi went speechless. After much thought, he went back to the bar to resign and inform that he would proceed to Paris himself to train in the place where his grandfather had trained. "perhaps when Rikko joined me later, i could be of some help to her..." The bar lady smiled and said that Soshi did love Rikko afterall. As he was departing, Gaku arrived and Soshi asked for an explanation about Night. Gaku explained he was precisely here for that and told them about Night's self awareness and that inside his robotic body has miraculously developed Love emotions. He went on to share that both Night and Rikko now share a strong bond and no one has the right to take that away from them.

Later, the bar lady went to look for Rikko to inform her of Soshi decision and if she was firmed about her own decision. She warned about the future obstacles both will face and that it will not be the "normal" love that Rikko had craved for. Rikko smiled and replied "I want to live with Night from now on and I will not regret it no matter what we face in future."
"I support you. If you truly feel happy, then you can create a happy future." the bar lady told a happy Rikko.

At their date in a park (or somewhere), Rikko saw Night standing before a mirror and asked him what he was doing. Unknown to her, Night IC chip was flashing 53% operating capacity inside his visual screen. Night smiled and told her her smile is cute and that he loved her. At picnic, Rikko commented Night will not grow old but she would. Night said no matter if its 10, 20.30 or 100 years, he would always love her even when she grows old. Rikko laughed and said she would be died by then! Rikko said even in heaven she will protect Night and that they will always be together.

Back at home, Night asked if Rikko was happy and she happily exclamied so. being with him As his screen flashed 40%, Night grew sad as he knew he would not last long....Rikko spotted his sad look and asked if he was alright.
Night refrained from telling Rikko he truth but only said he would definitely not forget today. Rikko laughed and said he was over exaggertaing and Night questioned her instead if she would forget the day? She smiled and said they would make many more memories together to the extent that there will be no room to store the day they had together.
Night was so touched and he hugged her. ..

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