Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Zettai Kareshi Final Episode 11 is out!

Woke up late today and it's almost 2pm......... yeah decadent and disgusting I know....cannot be help since i stayed up till 5am+ to iron the remaining clothes to be stashed away, watched some DVD and spent some time to call my mum for her birthday. Seems like a very happy birthday for her this year :P

Anycase, Zettai Kareshi last episode is out! Hope I get to blog the recap today since I have to run a few errands. It's a good thing that it's the last episide this week since I am leaving the country next week! Checked the summer TV schedule, hmmm.. didnt see any good ones that looks good.

Well Code Blue is showing after this. I have always like medical drama, shall see if it is any good. At least there is one cute guy. One of the lead actor is the same guy who acted in as Kurosaki in the other Japanese drama.

Wonder what is happening this thursday to fill in the Last friends slot. Checked the online TV schedule and nothing was indicated...Hmmmm.....

ok better get going or I will never find time. So exciting... wonder what will happen to Night. While the manga has Rikko ending up with Soshi (the childhood friend version in manga), I cannot see how Rikko can swop from having emotions for Night now to suddenly going back to Soshi within one episode. Maybe there is season 2 though I hope not. We shall see after today!

For those who are keen to at least know what happen to's a quick spoiler for the first 10mins of the show before i write the full epi recap. Because there are people who doesnt want to know in advance, so I left it in white text. To read, please use your mouse to highlight over to show the spoiler.

[ Mouse over here this section for short spoiler >>Rikko managed to get to the lab but she was too late as the "reprogram" button has been activated. Just when Gaku and Rikko sink into emotional despair..they noticed something odd about the program. The PC screen alerted reprogramming could not be activated and it was suspended! We see Night removing the "head gear" and sat up. Gaku told him to run as he himself grabbed Rikko and made a dash for escape.After some "scuffle" and mini heartfelt outburst to his manager, Night and Rikko was allowed to go free. Soshi on the other hand approached Rikko and told her he knew about Night robot truth. Rikko told him she cannot go to Paris simply because she herself cannot do so, as she want to stay by Night side now as he had done for her when she was happy/ sad..... That night when Night was still having a temp, Rikko kissed Night! With that, Night's fever went down and he was well again mysteriously to everyone's delight! Later, Soshi learnt the truth about the paris invitation and he decided to go to Paris alone and admit "defeat" to Night. Rikko at the going away party told the rest the truth about Night being a robot but no one really minded nor believed... that is as far as my video clip was able to load. another 20mins more to go :P]

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