Monday, June 30, 2008

One bad experience after another with Australian service ...

In a way, I am really glad to leave the lousy Australian retail service behind. It has been appalling since I arrived, and it still begs for heaps of improvement now that I am leaving. After my last bad experience with Electrolux customer service who almost sent me the wrong washer transit bolt, here's more cases to top up my list of horrific bad experiences.

Case 1. Mountain Design Ski jacket.
We went shopping the sunday before and got myself a brand new white ski jacket which I had really liked. When I got home, I discovered with dismay on Tuesday that the ski zip was defective. It was stuck and couldnt be tugged free. So I brought it back to the shop on Thursday being late night shopping for an exchange. However because they didnt have anymore on stock, so the guy on duty Steve told me to try it on again as he apparently wasnt so convinced it was defective zip.

I put it on just to show him again the problem I had before he finally accepted the plain fact it was defective. So he called the Chatswood branch to send a new one over. He promised me it will arrived on Monday and he will call me up to pick the jacket. Initially I had wanted a refund since it was defective and I didnt want the hassle of waiting and going back to Bondi Junction, but Steve looked pretty hesitant and told me it will be difficult as they need to send the defective ski back to Brisbane for verification etc. Since I did like that jacket, I guess I could wait till Monday before i Leave Sydney end of the week (which I informe Steve).

Before I left, I asked him if he will be on duty on Monday before deciding to leave my jacket with him. He ASSURED me he will be on duty on Monday.

So here comes monday, I still didnt get any call from Mountain design. I popped in the store in the late afternoon and well, Steve WASNT on duty and neither did he get anyone to followup on his behalf. So No steve, NO jacket. Fucking piss.

I asked the stand in guy about it and he checked and told me to come back tomorrow. Ok fine. One wasted trip. I just do not understand why the retailer staff has so little ownership to their job, as well as a bunch of people whose worths and promises are as worthless as Zimbabwe current currency. Even my toilet rolls are of better worth than their words.

I asked about the refund policy and apparently I CAN get refund since it is a defective product although the stand in guy was very hesitant to say much as he keep saying he wasnt from this branch. My question to him, "What is YOUR COMPANY's POLICY?" It shouldnt matter what branch isnt it? A refund policy should cut across ALL BRANCHES. So i hate it when these people try to screw me around with a bunch of bull. Do they think I am illiterate or ignorant or what? I just about had it with service here. It is moments like this which I wonder if I get all these shit because I am Asian and not white.

So tomorrow I shall see what happens. I honestly wonder, if some of these australians knows what "service" entails.

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