Friday, June 20, 2008

Last Friends 11 Summary (Part 1)

Last friends Episode 11 Review (Part 1)

Ruka won the biker race competition. During the press conference, a reporter decided to pose one question to her. He mentioned that the recent article in the magazine must have cause relative challenge (disturbance) to her mentally and asked what was her view on the matter. He added that many of those present would also like to know the truth in the matter.

Takeru, Eri and Ruka's parent looked on worriedly wondering how Ruka would response to such an awkward question. However, Ruka replied that biking is a fair sport based on abilities and not gender. As a racer, she was proud to have won. Regardless of the rumours, she would never changed her determination and single mindedness of her passion. Until now her friends and family had supported & loved her throughout, not as a woman nor a man, but as a person and that is what make me most happy about and that was all she had wanted to say.

Outside the press conference room, Eri approached Ruka and told her that if only she had told her earlier. Eri said to a surpised Ruka "I would not be surprised. I would not have been frightened. Because, Ruka is Ruka. I'm sorry I am so retarded and not noticed earlier and hence put u under so much stress. It must have been a tough period till now."

Back at home, Takeru was wondering to Ruka about how Michiru was doing and if they should contact her. Ruka rejected the idea as she felt Michiru must be unable to accept the truth about Ruka and hence not appearing at the competition. It cannot be helped that things became this way. Just then, the phone rang and it was Michiru's mother looking for her. To his shock, he found out that Sousuke had died!

Everyone in share house was still reeeling in shock about Sousuke's sucidal death. Eri started to self reproach but Ogurin stopped her and stated it had nothing to do with her. Rather, it was because he had realised the bad things he had done.. Takeru informed that Michiru was still under incident investigation as witness. They all agreed to leave her alone at this moment.

Next morning, Ruka received a mail from Michiru stating that she would lived alone and asked everyone not to worry. Meanwhile, Ogurin apologetically said his goodbye to Eri as he informed he will be posted to Milan and be with his wife. Eri forbid him to say sorry but rather to thank her as their last goodbye.

Michiru moved back to the previous city her mum & her had lived in to begin her new life. During work, she accidentally found out she was pregnant. During check up, the doctor informed her that there may be a risk to both baby and mother during delivery due to some high blood pressure issue. That night, she recalled her first meeting with Sosuke as she pondered over the baby. She remenbered how he had once told her that because his mother had abandoned him at 10yr with one of her customer lover, hence he looked forward to being married with Michiru as soon as possible, and have a baby to have a happy family together with her.

To her surprise, Michiru found her mum waiting for her in her flat. The mum asked if she was pregnant with Sosuke's child. Michiru kept quiet and her mum told her to abort it. Michiru rejected the idea and said she would raise the child herself. Her mum started to comment how expensive it will be to have a child and what a liability it will be. To her surprise, Michiru asked her mum if that was how she had saw her- a burden, as she had always had that sneaking suspicions of being so. Michiru declared emotionally unlike her mum, she would raised the child with utmost love! Her mum told her that she used to have the same idea - that everything would be alright with just the 2 of them (baby and mother). Looking at Michiru, her mum smiled and said she will leave the final decision to Michiru.


Amarue said...

Thank You sis

Waiting to update it in internet
this Drama is amazing
it teaches me alot of nice meaning and thought

from what u put here about dramas i only watch :
i watched My Boss My Hero... really funny and so simple idea
and last friends this is the best

there are alot of great drama i watched like
Nubota wo produce amazing drama same level with my friends
My Girl lil funny
hana yori Dango
hana kimi lil funny
Gokusen 1-2-3
these days i watch it with last friends waiting the new eps
and alotttttt

by the way I like your blog
be as you are
best wishes

"me-no-mad" said...

Hi Amarue

Firstly thanks for taking the time to leave a message, telling me enjoying the updates and liking my blog. It's always nice to get a comment like these, rare as it might! haa haa ;p

yeah i agree with u about the last friend drama. It's really meaningful and there is always a lesson to be learnt as the plot progressed. I think at the end of the day, we need to learn to love ourselves and also doesnt matter what form love comes in.

Oh yes, I have seen some of the titles u mentioned such as My girl, Hana Yori both seasons (I am waiting for the final new Hana Yori movie released in June 08 to be available soon!), Hana Kimi (taiwan), and this dragon medical team series as well. They are good but someone, i was too lazy to write a review on them and it seemed like ages now since i saw them so i didnt include it in my list:P

I tried watching Gokusen 1 but I havent got to like it yet and was thinking of trying Korusagi this week:) Thanks for the tip anycase!

I also tried watching Puzzle 2008 but after the first epi, i stop because it didnt interest me. I didnt bother to watch the current "CHANGE" either coz the political plot didnt attract me...
I am just watching for the summer listing to come out!

well, keep your comments coming in (so i know how i'm doing:P) and let me know again if there are any dramas taiwan/korean/jap dramas i should pick up as well:P

meanwhile best wishes to u too!

Amarue said...

You are welcome

mmm i don't know if u watch Life drama
be sure i will be there in your blog to get news about last friends and other dramas

actually i don't like romantic drama:$
coz alot of simple details
i like the drama that we don't know what will happen then
like gokusen some timmes i don't like it coz there is no new we can guess the end

there is a drama " stand up " i try to watche it but not yet get it
also i watched last week this drama Proposal Daisakusen ‏ in some how i like it but i can pass some eps lol
detective conan mmmm not that bad

contnue later:$

swair i like your blog

with all my thanks for u