Friday, June 20, 2008

Last friends - Ep 11 Recap: Sousuke Last Letter


Goodybe Michiru.
I'm giving you back your freedom.
I would only restrict you if I continue to Live,
and so, to let you have your freedom, this heart of mine has to stop.

I had wanted to be your everything.
To be your everything in the world you are in and see,
to be your very light that shine on you.
To be your every happiness that you have.
(Note: I am unsure if I got just the para above exactly right as it was alittle bit overwhelming for my rusty Japanese... but the idea is that he want to be and in everything of Michiru's world)

No matter where, No matter when, I just want to be one with you.
But yet, in a world without me, you have found happiness.
That is why, I had better leave.
While my palms still have reminisce of your warmth,
while my body still have remaining memories of being together as one with yours.

I'm sorry
I turly love your smile so much, and yet, I was unable to make you happy
I'm sorry.
I didnt know the way to love you.
I'm sorry.
I am unable to make you happy.

Goodbye, Michiru.
You must be happy!"
******************* ( Continue Ep 11 Recap - Part1, Part 2) ********************

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My thoughts

[OMG, the letter was so touching! I could almost feel the anguish before he decided to die. Poor chap, so misguided and so in love.... like I said in last episode recap, I was begining to feel sorry for him and while it was cowardly to just die, he knew he could nevr tame the monster inside him and so he decided to free the woman he love in the only way he knew how.... My eyes were getting misty just thinking about him in those last moments.....]

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