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Zettai Kareshi 11 Summary (Part2)

Back in Asamoto office, Soshi's brother questioned him on his trip to Paris alone. Soshi explained that it it would be good to train up himself up as a person, as well as preparing a good environment for talented people like Rikko who will come to train in future.His father smiled knowingly to himself. Night who was outside the office door overheard the whole conversation.

As his brother left the office, Soshi lamented outloud about his brother's stiff character to which, his father revealed the trurh of his brother seeking the favor for his and Rikko's Paris trip. His father further explained that Rikko's termination was only to make it easier for her to leave for Paris. "Like you, your brother also recognise the need to preserve the original taste. Like you, he too loved Asamoto." Once again, Soshi was left speechless at the realisation....

At the bar, the office staff organised a farewell party for Soshi. Mikka arrived and jokingly said that it was indeed Rikko's style to abandon Paris for Night. Night was who looking on, saw Soshi looking on smilingly at Rikko at near distance.

During the champagne bottle opening, Night saved a flying cork from hitting a colleague's face. At which, Night revealed he was a robot and Mikka hurriedly tried to cover it up saying it was a joke. However, Rikko said it was enough and told everyone the truth and everyone said it was impossible and that no one actually believed nor cared. With that Rikko smiled and said everyone loved Night.

While Rikko fell asleep, Soshi asked Night out for a quick chat. As they started to discuss about Rikko, Night said "i love her smile the best" Soshi said her smile could give one strength which Night agreed. "i will leave Rikko in your care." Soshi suddenly said. "I had once said that Soshi could not give Rikko happiness, I retract that statement now. Because Soshi also love Rikko as much as I do " Night solemnly said.

Hearing that, "I am defeated" Soshi laughed. They shook hands and wished each other well before Soshi took off. As Night looked on to the departing figure, he muttered a last goodbye to himself "Good bye Soshi san."

Back at the Bar, The bar owner laughed at Rikko's "face of happiness" and told Night it was all credit to Night that Rikko could maintain her smile all these while. "It is my happiness to give Rikko happiness." Night replied. Then he handed a letter to her to pass to Soshi later when he returned. As he said his thanks for all the trouble he had caused her, the bar lady laughed at him as if he is giving his final departing speech. Then she said seriously to him :"You are Rikko's best boyfriend."

As Night carried Rikko home, she woked up. Then Night said it was better for her to go to paris to fulfil her dream. Rikko replied: "Isnt this conversation ended sometime bck? I like to be with Night as you are my only boyfriend." Rikko asked him to let her down and presented a knitted scarf with his initial "N" sewn on to it. She explained it was a "thank you gift" (i think maybe she meant thanksgiving?) and Night laughed that it was too early. Rikko added on impulse that she would knit a glove, sweater, cap each in the subsequent years to come. After she said that, she sheepishly realised that Night would not feel the chill at all being a robot. However Night thanked her and said he is filled with warmth. Just as Rikko was wondering if they would see a shooting star, they caught one and Night quickly made a wish while Rikko pout that she didnt. Night said he did and that he wished for her to be happy forever. Rikko said she already was being with him.

When they got home, Night looked on at a sleeping Rikko and whispered "I love you." As he kissed her forehead, he said "I will always love you." As he looked on at a sound sleeping Rikko, He took the knitted scarf and left to meet Gaku to inform him of his body parts failing soon as the IC chip has been damanged beyond repair.

"Thank you for creating me" Night told a shocked and disbelieving Gaku. "Are you crying" Gaku asked in shock. "I am happy and lucky to be able to love Rikko" he said as he looked contendedly upon the sky.

As he looked at his scarf, smiling with last thoughts of Rikko, his screen died......

Back in the bar, the bar owner handed Soshi the letter from Night. Mystified, Soshi opened and read the unexpected content...

Next morning, Gaku arrived at Rikko's house who was wondering where Night had gone. To a puzzled Rikko, Gaku sadly said. "Night is not coming back and that he was happy to have met you.Zero one has stopped functioning." Rikko happily assumed that he could be repaired but Gaku said no. "Regretfully, he will not be able to move again. He looked for me late last night. Night probably doesnt want you to be sad."

As Gaku passed Rikko the remains - IC chip, he said "Night left you a message in his body. The chip normally should not be burnt till this degree but it is prob proof that he had tried his hardest for you. It is impossible to repair it anymore..." A shell shocked and speechless Rikko looked on at the screen at Night's last message for her.

" I am now waiting at the park for a date with Rikko. She is late and probably because she is dolling up for me. Rikko, I know I have said I would always stay by your side. I'm really sorry. I liked all of Rikko. A sound asleep with mouth wide open Rikko. An Angry Rikko. A laughing Rikko. A crying Rikko. Rikko who was making patisserie. A hardworking Rikko. I love all of them. You must move forward with confidence. Go to paris with Soshi san. Rikko will be fine. Don't cry! Rikko, remember to smile. Rikko's laughter will bring happiness to everyone. Rikko I will be watching over you from heaven above...always praying for Rikko's happiness." As Rikko watched the message, tears started to slip and fall. The video was made on the day they had gone dating. (comment: OMG, I want to cry on this part.....he knows he is "dying" sad...)

Soshi who had been standing outside the door, overheard Night's "last message"....

Rikko who was still reeling from shock asked herself regretfully why wasnt she able to be even more tender to Night. "I could have given him even more happy memories." she said.

Gaku consoled her that Night had felt very blissed from able to win her love and affections. "So for Night, please smile and lived on." he said to her. As Gaku was leaving, he saw Soshi and smiled understandingly to him. Rikko held on to the IC chip and called out to Night continuusly as she started to cry.

At this point, Soshi recalled Night's last letter. "If Rikko is crying, please stay by her side." Soshi san can definitely live on together with Rikko."

As Soshi walked towards the door and going for the door knob, he hesitated and stopped himself as he thought about Night's passing and Rikko's grief over the loss of a loved one...

3 weeks later, Rikko had packed up and preparing to leave for Paris. Her landlord told her that she will leave the unit for her incase Night return. "He is your boyfriend isnt he?" the landlady said to a shocked Rikko. "Anyone who had seen Night's smile will understand. It's obvious he likes you..." she said. Both ladies laughed.

Back at Kronos lab, Gaku thanked his boss for his understanding. Then he said to his manager.

" You use to said love is tragic. I disagree, love is the start of a miracle"

"You havent changed a bit." His manager looked at Gaku and smiled before leaving the room.

At the airport. Soshi brother began to nag at him to work hard and not cause trouble etc. Soshi laughed and replied "And more?!" His brother said "One more thing" before tearing up his resignation letter. Soshi laughed and commented that its his brother's style. Both brothers smiled knowingly as they had reached an understanding about how they really care for Asamoto and each other.

As the bar lady asked Rikko is she was alright, Rikko smiled and said that it was Night that enabled her to smile and lived on. Both Soshi and Rikko smiled at each other and left for Paris.

Back in the lab, Gaku rearranged the scarf for a lifeless Night. Before he left the room, Gaku looked and smiled at a peaceful looking Night and bade him goodbye.

"Zero one, have a sweet dream."

[End of series]


Gia said...

Aww. This hurts me a lot. I just started the series, but knowing that it's a tearjerker, I just jumped and read blogs. I found yours and although I'm not watching the episode, I cried a lot.

"Just Me" said...

Daer Gia, Sorry for the late reply. I hope u are feeling not too sad now!!!