Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My last few experience with Sydney Service

With every new move with new items, I learn something new.

Previously I had never moved with my washer and so I didnt know what was involved. Today while doing the premove survey quote, I found out that my Electrolux washing machine is suppose to come with a "Transport Kit - Transit Bolt" that has the pins that keep my Ergo front Loader tumbler in place during the move. Apparently the baboon delivery guys who sent the washer forgot to pass us that! So quickly today, I called the Electrolux customer care and was informed to pay an addtional A$13.50 for the bundle and A$9.55 for postage. I told the lady that I will confirm with my husband to ensure he didnt stash the bolts on his own and that I will call her back later.

Within 2 mins, I called back the customer care and got another lady. I explained the situation to her again, with the information her colleague had given me earlier. To my surprise, she quoted me a much higher price of A$22.95 for the kit, and the A$9.55 for the postage. I told her that the price was different from earlier but she said "I don't know what she quoted you and she is wrong. This is the right price." I was very skeptical and asked her if she is very sure that the bolt is the same for all models, since she never bothered to ask me for my washer model number.

She was alittle indignant and haughty and said that "IT IS THE SAME TRANSIT BOLTS" for the front loader and that its a 3 bundle kit. Since she sounded so confident and since she is afterall the brand's customer care, I placed the order since I didnt want to waste time hunting around not knowing what I should be buying.

After she got all my details, something was still nagging in my head and every cell in my body was screaming that something was not right. I just didnt trust her knowledge. So I causally asked her again "Can u tell me exactly what is in the 3 bundle kit?" She paused and told me to hang on while she checked. This time, she asked me for my washer model.

She put me on hold for a good 5 mins. Then she came back, sounding a little nicer and less gruff than before. She now explained to me that she checked and my washer required a different pin/bolt and so the previous colleague was RIGHT and quoted me correctly. So now she will correct the order price charged.

Was it a relief! What a bloody narrow eascape! It's not the extra $10 saving I am relieved about. It was the fact I saved myself from a potential nightmare!

If she had sent me the wrong bolt for the tumbler, i would have been screwed BIG TIME because it takes 5-6days for the package to reach me, and considering i have to move next thursday, I am cutting it very close already. Imagine if the wrong bolts arrive and I cannot move my washer because of that! I would have died of frustrations! Either that or I will have move my A$1400 washer without the pin to hold the tumbler in place and risked wreaking it, costing another $600-800 to repair it since the warranty is over.

So moral of the story, never trust someone just because she/he thinks they know best especially when it comes to sydney general service. If you think something is amiss, always ask, probe and hassle. For me, my instincts have come to play again and rightly so, I trusted myself to push to ask even if it may seem like I am insulting her for not knowing her job. Hell is, I am proven right, she didnt know. Better to appear "untrusting" than be made a jackass of yourself.

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