Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mandarin Oriental Hotel (HK)

It was a smooth flight to HK, although sadly I didnt get to ride on the new business class seats. Wasnt sure which flights are retrofitted even. Maybe not those between Sydney and Hk leg.

No matter, checked into Mandarin Oriental Hotel with a breeze. The reason we keep coming back to the same hotel apart from its central location, is that we havent found anything to complain yet. Service and amenities are impeccable regardless which visit, not to mention their spa massages are really good, and their M cake shop too!

Originally we were slated on the 16 floor which I declined as it was a smoking level. No matter how great the ventilation is, no cig smoke would escape my sensitive nose. So I asked to change to the 19th floor instead, even though if it means I am getting a side harbour view instead of the full harbour view which was originally booked.

My last stay with Mandarin Oriental in March had been very nice and this time, it was equally pleasant. Strangely even though both times I had side harbour view, my room this time seemed larger. Best of all, my fav spot in the room was this lounging sofa which wasnt available in the last room I had! Together with the working desk, the whole section can be cornered off with a curtain to give privacy, dividing the main bedroom and the "business working" area. I love just sitting there on the sofa looking out and enjoying my dessert and tea there.

The bath room is also different this time. My bath are is now segregated from the shower area. The sink is now placed in the middle, together with the almost full length mirror with a built in Samsung TV on the other side, that one can swirl the fixture to face either side of the bathroom.

I found the tap located at the side of the sink alittle at odd with my usual way of washing face in the morning. It's just unnaturally position for one to twist your body to one side. Otherwise, the whole room is really nice, but this time, I couldnt find my ipod player connector in this room but I'm not complaining.

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