Thursday, June 12, 2008

Zettai Kareshi Ep09 is out!

Just finished watching the first half of Zettai Kareshi episode 09 (plus a little of part 2) and I was laughing my socks off! My neighbor must be wondering what is so funny at 9am in the morning with me roaring away intermittenly. Ok I have to admit that Night-kun's role is getting more comical but I really like Soshi here! The way he was looking at Rikko (esp at the dolphin show) was so gentle, so sweet.... those soulful eyes could kill many girls out there!!!

Since I havent complete watching the series, the review will have to come later but suffice to quickly followup, Soshi quit and went to work at the bar where Rikko and Night normally work parttime. I love Soshi's expression when Rikko and Night walked into the bar to find him there and he did the wide grin smile with the 2-sign and said "2 Customers!" cheerfully.

The other funny scenes with Night kun were great too. Once again, the landland could barely hold in her drool (imaginery) when she was asking "Who is this handsome boy?" as she eyeballed Soshi, with him trying desperately to shake off her "attention" with the cake. Night was so funny comforting the landlord's chin when she learned about Tokishi's departure, and she was whimpering "Oh night is so kind and gentle" like a little kitty expression. The other part was when he was "stirring" up Soshi and his brother "Ma-Kun" at the bar and proclaiming both are exactly the same! It was hilarious! Then the part when he did the evil laugh proclaiming "Rikko is now Asamoto's rival" is so farnee as well!

Anycase, have to rush out to meet my friend coming from HK and so review will have to come later. For those who wants to find out what I am laughing so hard about (in the first half), you can have a go at the episode 9 first (raw in Japanese), without any subs.

PS: Caught a glimpse of the ending.....OMG!!! Soshi confessed in person to Rikko at the end!!! He told her he liked her and Night overheard! I was unconciously holding my breath when a surprised Rikko also confessed "わたしも, ずっとすきでした" ==> Watashi mo, Zutto suki deshita!" ( Me too, I have also liked you for a while now). I nearly died of shock that she actually admitted it! However I am expecting her to add on a "but..." in the next episode...

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