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Zettai Kareshi 08 Summary

Yeah! Episode 8 review is completed! (And last friends episode 9 is out too!) However, there was a small section where I couldnt get the video to load after 2 hours and I gave up. I personally didnt think the gap is important and we wont be missing much. Most of the exciting part is in the other half after the missing bits anycase.

Zettai Kareshi Episode 08 Review:

The episode begins with the introduction of Zero 2 robot in the lab. Gaku was shocked at the completion and being told that it is even more perfect compared to Zero1 with a 98.2% success rate in pleasing Rikko. Gaku worriedly asked about the future of Zero one (Night), only to be told that “useless appliances” will be discarded.

(Next scene shows Rikko messing with Night’s hairstyle (he wanted an image change) and she accidentally found the barcode behind his ear)

Heading to office, Rikko saw Natsumi and Soshi walking to office together and laughing away. Deliberately wanting to avoid them, Rikko sped up, but was spotted by Natsumi. At her greetings, Rikko turned around resignedly and greeted Natsumi with a bright smile and cheered her on for the competition. Natsumi asked if it was really alright this way as she was really looking forward to taste Rikko’s dessert. Rikko assured her that she couldn’t compete with Natsumi. Soshi looked alittle sad at Rikko’s comment and tried to interrupt. However Night who was watching Rikko all these while forestall Soshi, declaring that he is going on an office date with Rikko and scooped her up. While Natsumi laughed at the departing couple commenting Night being an interesting person, Soshi said Night was rather an unique weird person.

In the office, Rikko saw Mikka in the pantry and tried to start a conversation. She apologized for making Mikka felt bad about Night... before she could finished, Mikka abruptly cut her off and said she never ever want to speak to her again and walked away.

Natsumi distributed her new dessert creation to everyone in office for their opinion, impressing all of them with the taste. Soshi looked on at Rikko, while Mikka and another colleague indirectly mocked Rikko about her “wise decision” to withdraw from the competition.

After work by the river, Rikko stared despondently at the competition brochure before crumpling it and throwing it to the bin. She missed and hit a guy who looked like he was about to faint … from hunger! (It was quite funny when Rikko said “It’s only a paper! when she thought the guy had fainted from her hit)

Rikko brought the guy home and instructed Night to feed the guy with the rice he had prepared for her, not realizing that it was the only available bowl left!

After dinner, the guy introduced himself as T.O.K.I.S.H.I –san. Just then the landlord appeared. Knowing that Tokishi has no money nor a place to stay, the smitten landlord quickly offered her spare room. Tokishi replied sincerely “I am truly happy to be looked after by such an outstanding lady” The speechless landlord was over the moon by the smooth compliment (I was laughing my head off at her expression!)

Meanwhile, Night continued to address zero 2 as T.o.k.i.s.h.i (spelling it out) until Rikko told him to stop. Rikko lied again about her relationship with Night to Tokishi.

(to be cont... missing video loading)

Just as Rikko started to pack up her baking tools, Tokishi dropped by with his baked cookies. While he was chatting on about the pot and shared interest in baking, Rikko confided that she felt like giving up on her patisserie dream as things weren’t going as well as she liked. She felt like dropping everything and leave for as far as possible. Upon this, Tokishi told her not to force herself and that he understood her current feelings and started to pack everything away. He told Rikko as he grabbed her hands: “You should try to let go temporarily. When one starts to hate something one use to love, it will be very sad. It is important to renew one’s feeling.”

Back in office, Soshi saw Rikko in the pantry but stop advancing when he saw Night approaching. Night out rightly told Rikko that he had seen the box’s content (at home). Rikko tried to change the subject but Night persisted and asked if she was giving up. She said yes in frustration but Night continued to ask if being patisserie wasn’t her dream. Rikko exclaimed that being patisserie is only reserved for talented people like Natsumi. However Night said that she shouldn’t run away and should go fulfil her dream. He would pray to the shooting stars for her dream to come true. Hearing this, Rikko got even more upset and told Night that things isn’t as simple as that and stormed off, leaving him to stare at the planetarium tickets sadly.

In his father’s office, Soshi stared at his granddad’s portrait and commented if his grandfather would like the Asamoto company now. “I like the Asamoto that granddad had built but not the one now.” Soshi confided in his father. His father replied that although his granddad was amicable, but he was also persistent and adamant about the things he thinks is right and in the process, trouble many around him. “In a way, you and your granddad are quite alike” his dad added with a chuckle to a surprised Soshi.

Not willing to give up, Night approached a hopeful Mikka, only to disappoint her with his request for Mikka to encourage Rikko to persist on with her dream. Mikka was pissed and stormed off, stating that she had never claimed Rikko as her best friend. Tokishin entered the scene and locked Night in the office room. Behind the locked door, he jeered at Night’s “inability” to break free and that he is the only one who can provide happiness to Rikko before going after Rikko.

Tokishi caught up with Rikko and asked her out on the pretence to rid her worries. On the other hand, Night who was worried about Rikko broke down the door, defying the built in function of not damaging office property. Alarmed by the alert, a worried Gaku called Rikko to ask after Night’s whereabout unsucessfully. As she hung up, Rikko had second thoughts about leaving with Tokishi when she saw the ticket that Night left behind in her bag. At this, Tokishi professed his love and dragged her off to the carpark.

Rikko tried to reject Tokishi again but he would have none of it. Just then Night appeared and demanded Tokishi to released Rikko. They advanced towards each other and with a gentle push, Night was flung across the carpark by Tokishi. Tokishi cheerfully let on his true identity and the fight begins (with lotsa lighting effects and rotating of camera… really.. what a lame fight)

Gaku appeared on scene and stopped Rikko from getting involved. Rikko saw the dropped planetarium ticket and retrieved it without realizing an oncoming vehicle.

Zero 2 did a mental probability on the bodily damage to himself if he saved Rikko and hence halted his attempts to save Rikko. Night however lunged forward without care and grabbed Rikko to safety as he crashed against the wall, temporarily ceasing his function. A concerned Rikko demanded Gaku to fix him and angrily told Tokishi to stop where he was when he started babbling about his love.

In the van, Gaku was shocked when Night manually overridden the service suspension. The first thing Night did was to ask after Rikko. Rikko said she was fine and it should be Night that should stop worrying her. Night apologized and Rikko smiled. Gaku apologized for sending zero 2 accidentally and Rikko reprimanded him. Gaku gave her the option to swop but she declined, firmly stating that Night was very important to her. Gaku smiled, knowing that Rikko has already fallen for Night unconsciously. Tokishi was sent back to the lab and the mass production based on zero 2 modelling was halted as a result of Rikko’s choice.

Soshi tendered his resignation. Rikko and Night saw him standing alone in the pantry and Rikko went forth informing Soshi that she still wanted to join the competition. Just as Rikko was fretting about Natsumi being chosen as the representative of Asamoto, Soshi happily and cheekily informed bout his resignation to a shocked Rikko!

{End of Episode 8}

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